San Marcos man charged with arson at apartment complex

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A San Marcos man was arrested and charged with arson after San Marcos Fire Marshals said he “recklessly” started a fire and explosion while attempting to manufacture drugs.

Hunter Grant Eckert, 20, started the fire and explosion at the Sienna Point Apartments in the 2900 block of Hunter Road that occurred July 11 around 11:45 p.m., according to the affidavit for his arrest.

Eckert was injured, and there was damage to his apartment due to the explosion and fire, according to the affidavit.

In an interview with a deputy fire marshal the next day, Eckert said during his attempt to manufacture a “controlled substance” the explosion and fire occurred, according to the affidavit. The type of drug was not identified.

The investigation will now go to the prosecutors and then the grand jury. The grand jury will hear the case and decide whether or not to indict Eckert, said Ken Bell, San Marcos fire marshal.

Eckert is facing a felony charge, which requires an indictment, Bell said.

Bell said he does not believe Eckert is a Texas State student.

The Sienna Point Apartments management could not comment on the incident and directed inquiries to their property management company, the NRP Group LLC.

“When the fire occurred, the sprinkling system went on and two apartment units had been damaged,” said Diane Richey, NRP Group director of marketing and public relations. “They’re actually already being repaired.”

The explosion did not cause the damage to the apartments, but rather flooding from the sprinkler system in the apartments triggered by the fire, Richey said.

The apartment below Eckert’s unit was flooded and the ceiling sheetrock and carpeting was replaced, Richey said.

No cabinets or appliances were burned due to the fire, she said.

Eckert, a resident at Sienna Point, has been “vacated off the property” and the cost of the damages is being taken care of by his family, Richey said. 

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