Apartment pool party results in police intervention, $1,400 fine

News Reporter

Almost 2,000 people attended the pool party heard ‘round the world last Saturday at The Retreat.

Promoted by the Texas State Trendsetter hashtag #TXSTSummerBash, hundreds of people were at the party, which ended in a $1,400 fine for the complex.

The “Second Annual Summer Bash” was planned by the apartment complex, which hired Endless Entertainment to run an ad campaign using the Texas State Trendsetter hashtag, said exercise and sports science junior Shawn “Big Neechi” Onyechi, representative for Endless Entertainment.

The party totaled well over twice the pool’s capacity of 750, said Police Chief Chase Stapp.

Promotions began four days before the event but were halted after two days due to an estimated 15,000-to-20,000-person turnout, Onyechi said.

“People were saying they flew in from all over the country,” Neechi said. “Some were even coming from out of the country.”

Police arrived just before 4 p.m., when the party was scheduled to end, because of numerous noise complaints from neighbors and cars parked illegally, Stapp said.

“You never know what could go wrong with a crowd that big,” Stapp said. “It was bigger than (The Retreat) could control or handle. Almost all on-duty officers were called in to help.”

While the party was in the midst of shutdown, police monitored exits and made sure they only flowed one-way, Stapp said.

Security was present at the party from the beginning, and attendees were courteous and stayed to help clean and pick up trash, Onyechi said.

“It was a good time, and no one misbehaved,” Onyechi said. “When the cops came, everyone left. The party was a success.”

The San Marcos Fire Marshal issued a citation to The Retreat’s manager, Clark Matthews, but no other citations were issued to any of the party’s attendees, Stapp said.

Enforcing underage drinking laws was not a focus as much as getting attendees out safely was, Stapp said.

“I just thank God that everyone made it out safe and had a good time,” Neechi said.

The San Marcos Police Department met with Retreat management to discuss future plans on how to better manage an event like this, Stapp said.

“I think that conversation went well,” Stapp said.

The Retreat’s manager, Clark Matthews, could not be reached for a comment.