Theaters to undergo renovations, serve alcohol


News Reporter

Starplex Cinema and Showplace Movie Theater are undergoing renovations and will now serve alcohol to their customers.

Both theaters are going through full remodels to update their looks, said Chris Mosel, operations manager. The Starplex Cinema will have its exterior repainted, marquees removed, signage upgraded, wall coverings and carpet replaced, seats re-covered and a second serving window added to serve beer and wine, Mosel said.

“We’re basically giving the place a face lift,” Mosel said. “I’m looking forward to be able to give San Marcos a really nice facility to go to the movies—something modern and up-to-date.”

Along with serving alcohol, both theaters will be renovated to resemble bistros, said Mitchell Roberts, vice president of Texas Cinema Corp.

Texas Cinema owns both Starplex and Showplace, as well as Creekside Cinemas in New Braunfels, according to its website.

“We also own the space next door (to Showplace), which used to be a Baskin-Robbins,” Roberts said. “What we’re going to do is add the kitchen into that and eventually serve more food items, like burgers.”

Starplex will remain open to all ages and continue to maintain its family-friendly atmosphere, while Showplace will be limited to customers 18 years and older, Roberts said.

Over the past year, beer and wine have been offered in hundreds of cinemas across the country, Roberts said. Customers have expressed a demand for alcoholic beverages, so Texas Cinema decided to begin offering them.

“We always make every effort to provide our customers with the latest technologies and amenities that are available, and selling beer and wine in the cinema is a popular option with cinemagoers in the nation, and we are just taking the steps to ensure that our customers have that option as well,” Roberts said.

Renovations on Starplex are expected to be complete in early July, Roberts said. At that point, work will begin on Showplace, which will be finished by October.

John Effiom, a moviegoer from Buda, said he is excited for this new experience and thinks it will be a positive thing for the public. As a Buda resident, Effiom has been traveling to San Marcos when he wants to see a movie.

“The fact that they’re renovating it kind of sucks because that’s one less movie theater that I can go to right now, especially since there aren’t many local theaters,” Effiom said. “The fact that they’re serving alcohol isn’t a worry because people are there to watch a movie and not to get drunk.”

Some years ago, Starplex updated its technology and switched to digital projection, and it is now time for the exterior to match the technology updates, Mosel said.

“This was a big theater for a small town, and I’m glad we’re staying on the cutting edge of that,” Mosel said. “We’re going to stay ahead of this and give San Marcos the big city entertainment without being in a big city.”