Get to Know: Alli Akina


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DT: Out of all the sports, what makes softball your sport of choice?
AA:  It is my best sport, for one thing. I have been playing since I moved to Texas. I like softball because it’s a mental game. You are playing against yourself more than anything.  

DT: What is your most memorable moment in your softball career?
AA: As a team, it is when we beat Alabama in a three-game series at our home. My favorite moment as a player was when I robbed Courtney Harris’ homerun during practice.

DT: Some athletes usually have a playlist of music they listen to before a game. What would yours consist of?
AA: I’m Hawaiian, so I like to listen to a lot of reggae. It keeps me in a good mood. I listen to bands like Rebelution and The Green.

DT: What are some of the hobbies you enjoy outside of softball?
AA: Aside from softball, I like hiking, kayaking and pretty much anything outdoors. I also like playing football too because my dad is a football coach, so I have been playing for a while.

DT: What was your favorite movie as a child, and now?
AA: As a child my favorite movie of all time is Little Giants. It is my all-time favorite. Now my favorite movie is Frozen, like every other girl.  

DT: What is your favorite snack and why?
AA: Ice cream. I have ice cream just about every night. My favorite flavor is cookies and cream. I also can snack on chips and queso any time of the day.

DT: What is your favorite channel or show?
AA:  I always watch Animal Planet, The History Channel and The Discovery Channel. I just like learning about other places in the world because I don’t get to travel around the world. It has always been interesting to me.   

DT: If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?
AA: I would give half to my parents, some to my siblings and the rest I would keep to myself.  I would spend some and buy myself a new car, probably a nice off-roading jeep.

DT: Where do you see yourself in five years?
AA: Well, I just started interning with Longhorn Network in Austin. I would ultimately get into the broadcasting aspect.  Football would be the sport of choice to be a broadcaster for.


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