Summer classes positive choice for Bobcats

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While it is understandable to want to take a break and relax for the summer after stressful fall and spring semesters, Bobcats who enroll in summer classes should be mindful of the temptation to blow off courses and remember to take them seriously.

Classes are a great way for students to stay in the mindset of being responsible during the summer. Thankfully, summer classes are a good way to staying on track to graduate while avoiding too heavy a course load during the fall and spring semesters.

Summer classes are faster paced because the objective is to shrink a 14-week course into four weeks. For this reason, there is also typically a stricter attendance policy as well. This means that any jobs or internships or vacations that might occur need to be planned around summer classes or vice versa.

Students should be sure to take summer classes seriously if they choose to enroll in them. Utilizing educational opportunities in the summer can lead to an early graduation when done properly.

Additionally, students should meet with their advisors before enrolling in summer courses. Nothing is more frustrating than realizing that all of the money and time sunk into a summer full of classes is ultimately useless. Advisors are there to help ensure that students stay on track and are handling all of the responsibilities required to graduate on time, and students should remember to utilize them.

A large number of students take summer courses at their respective community colleges. The biggest advantage to taking classes at a community college is often the cheaper price. However, students ought to make sure the credits for those classes taken can transfer back to Texas State. In addition, making sure transcripts and other necessary documents get sent is an important step to avoiding headaches later down the road.

In order to avoid as many credit transfer issues as possible, the editorial board suggests that students taking community college classes utilize Texas State’s transfer course equivalency system. This tool can be found on Texas State’s website and provides transfer credit equivalencies for commonly transferred courses. Another tip is to take early level core classes at community college instead of trying to take some hyper-specific, upper-level major courses at the local community college.

Summer classes can be the perfect way to balance an abundance of downtime during the summer with doing something productive. Students taking summer classes can still have time to float the river and attend a plethora of creatively themed fraternity parties if they handle their schedules properly. Summer does not have to mean choosing between having fun and going to class—at Texas State, both can intertwine.

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