The Hitch: Mobile eatery adds new cuisines

Trends Reporter


The newest addition to The Hitch is MamboFreeze, a shaved ice and frozen treats truck run by owner Rena Williams. Having just arrived at The Hitch this past spring, Williams brings her experience of running a second MamboFreeze and the original MamboBerry, both located in Austin. It was William’s self-proclaimed “entrepreneurial drive” and love for food that inspired her to move to Austin and open a food truck, having only herself and one other staff member for the first year. Williams is now proud to employ 11 staff members in total.

The MamboFreeze menu offers over 200 homemade, all-natural shaved ice flavors. It also features a variety of fresh frozen yogurts, smoothies and a small selection of foods including corn in a cup and vegan tamales. Its most popular summertime seller, Williams says, is what is known as a Picadilly, which is comprised of shaved ice with layers of chopped pickles throughout finished off with a choice of syrup, pure pickle juice, chile powder or Kool-Aid on top. All of MamboFreeze’s creams and syrups are homemade with pure cane sugar and no artificial flavorings. Similarly, its frozen yogurt is made with non-fat, all natural, organic, locally sourced White Mountain yogurt. “If we can make a superior product without all the high fructose corn syrups and other less-than-natural ingredients, why wouldn’t we?” Williams said.

Williams loves the loyal customers who have to rely on MamboFreeze’s consistent product, even standing out in the rain for it. “We treat every customer as if it were our only one,” Williams said.

WAT ZAB Thai Food

WAT ZAB Thai Food brings authentic Thai cuisine to downtown San Marcos. Having been part of The Hitch since March 2013, WAT ZAB and one of its owners, Pen Rios, have definitely cemented themselves as a permanent fixture within the community. The owners have a strong customer base that remains attracted to their use of pure flavors and ingredients. WAT ZAB features an extensive menu that offers a range of dishes including appetizers, noodle bowls, fried rice, curry and a handful of entrees. Always serving food with a smile, their main focus is on the correct use of authentic spices. Some of their most popular dishes include the Pad Thai and the Thai Beef Noodle soup made with rice noodles, beef, meatballs and bean sprouts and topped with garlic, onion and cilantro.

Smoked Out Barbecue

This establishment brings classic portable barbeque to San Marcos. It offers a variety of barbecued meat sandwiches or stand-alone shredded pork and brisket in addition to some flavorful and unique side dishes. Smoked Out was established in spring of 2013 when Texas State alumnus and owner Brandon Bibeau decided to abandon the corporate world in favor of founding his own business. Bibeau had been cooking barbecue since he was a child and decided that, while not exactly easy, making delicious barbecue from a trailer was definitely “feasible.” Bibeau then set out to bring a distinguishable barbecue array to San Marcos, something he said wasn’t available before.

Some of Smoked Out’s most popular items include the loaded baked potato and the most recent addition of crispy smoked chicken. The chicken is smoked and then vacuum-sealed until it’s made to order with a dip in the deep fryer to create a crispy, spicy outer skin.