'Sugaring' can be beneficial to some

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Sugar daddy relationships are performed between mutually consenting adults and should not be judged by others.

Sugaring is a way of life that provides happiness and stability for many people. There are a lot of wild misconceptions about the sugaring community, or “sugar bowl,” as it is referred to by some of its participants. People often assume that these relationships occur only between young women and older men. However, there are sugar pups, who are men who are looking for a sugar daddy or momma. In addition, there are older sugar mommies looking for sugar babies or pups.

Another assumption placed on these men and women is that they are lazy harlots who would rather spread their legs for a shopping trip than work for it. This is misguided for a variety of reasons. Firstly, not all sugar babies have sex with their sugar daddies. For some of these men, the relationship is about a lot more than a physical interaction. A lot of the time, the benefactors  are simply looking for a companion on the same page as them.  These benefactors have worked hard for all of the nice things that they have and do not mind sharing them with someone beautiful, smart and nice who actually listens to them and wants to hear what they have to say. Comparing sugaring to prostitution is fundamentally false because sugar babies are often the ultimate girlfriends for these men, whereas prostitution is usually a purely physical act.

There also seems to be an impression that sugar babies aren’t smart. To be a successful sugar baby, there is a level of intelligence necessary to be able to market yourself and what you bring to the table personality-wise in order to make yourself stand out from the fray. There will always be beautiful girls, but being a beautiful girl with a beautiful personality is a very important aspect of the business.

Also, yes, sugaring is often ultimately about the money. However, the term “gold-digger” brings to mind someone lazy who has no job or drive and sinks their fangs into unsuspecting old men to drain them of their resources. Firstly, people need to realize that these relationships occur legally between two consenting adults. There are no pretenses about what the true natures of their interactions are. For this reason, I would even wager that some sugaring relationships are more honest than normal relationships people have with their significant others. There is no lying or manipulation necessary because sugar babies and daddies often iron out all of the terms of their relationships way before any problems can arise. Things like compensation and frequency of communication are discussed openly and freely without any pretense. Additionally, a lot of these women are college students or have graduated from college and simply need some help along the way.

All in all, the bottom line is that if these interactions are happening between two adults that are fully aware of the situation, it is not really anyone else’s place to judge. These “Mutually Beneficial Relationships,” a term coined by the very popular sugaring website SeekingArrangement.com, are so popular and successful because both parties involved know exactly what they are getting into and are willing participate anyway. Sugaring is not for everyone, but those who do not participate should not knock the hustle of those that do.

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