Man accused of murder at former softball player’s residence acquitted

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704 Allen
Arthur Martinez was stabbed at 704 Allen Street Feb. 3 and was pronounced dead at Central Texas Medical Center.

Brelyn Sorrells, who was charged with first-degree murder for a stabbing at a former Texas State softball player’s home, was acquitted May 21 after video evidence was revealed that proved he acted in self-defense.

At a Super Bowl party of about 300 people in February 2013, Sorrells stabbed 20-year-old Arthur Martinez repeatedly, and Martinez died later that night from his injuries, according to a Feb. 26, 2013 University Star article. A video taken at the party, previously thought to having been taken hours after the incident, proved that Sorrells acted in self-defense when he stabbed Martinez, according to a May 23 Austin American-Statesman article.

A DJ was at the party that night recording to turn the footage into a potential music video, according to the Statesman article. A fight broke out in the background of the video, and Nick Goss, a member of an Austin street gang called Black Aces, swung a glass bottle at Sorrells, according to the article. Sorrells was pushed against a wall, then ducked and stabbed Goss with a pocketknife he used to cut boxes at work.

In the video, Sorrells is seen in the middle of a large group of people falling to the ground and being beaten, according to the Statesman article.

Martinez staggers away from the mass of people with blood on his shirt and brass knuckles on his right hand, according to the Statesman article. The video ends there, and Martinez died at Central Texas Medical Center later that night.

The video remained unwatched for 15 months because the digital file had an incorrect time stamp that seemed to indicate it was shot hours after the fight occurred, according to the Statesman article.

After the revelation of the video and nine hours of deliberation, the jury found Sorrells not guilty. He was released May 21.

According to a Feb. 26, 2013 University Star article, former Texas State softball shortstop Selena Hernandez lived in the duplex on 704 Allen St. where Martinez was stabbed at a party Feb. 3, according to an affidavit and search warrants obtained from the San Marcos Police Department.