Get to Know: Kendall Wiley

Sports Reporter

TH: How long have you played softball, and why did you choose softball over other sports?

KW: I have played softball since I was 5 years old, and it has always been the most enjoyable. Everyone in my family has played either softball or baseball.

TH: Who has been the most inspirational person in your life, and why?

KW: The most inspirational person in my life has been my mom. She is a single parent and has always taught me to keep fighting and never give up on my goals.

TH: Outside of softball, what is your favorite thing to do in San Marcos?

KW: Floating the river with my teammates and watching other Texas State athletic events.

TH: Do you have a specific pre-game routine?

KW: I watch the team highlight video and listen to Lil’ Jon to get pumped up.

TH: What is your favorite movie and favorite television show?

KW: Forrest Gump and Grey’s Anatomy.

TH: If you could travel anywhere, all expenses paid, where would it be?

KW: Dominican Republic, for the beaches.

TH: If you could hang out with any celebrity, who would it be?

KW: Meryl Streep or Sandra Bullock

TH: What has been your favorite softball memory?

KW: Hitting a homerun to center field in my first collegiate at-bat against Baylor.

TH: What are you goals after college?

KW: To own and run a doggy-daycare.


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