‘Slut shaming’ unacceptable attitude toward female sexuality

Opinions Columnist | Journalism Sophomore

Women should be allowed to embrace their natural sexuality without harassment or fear of being criticized.

Students need to understand that sex is an emotional, physical and, above all, natural thing. Embracing one’s sexuality can include an assortment of factors ranging from knowing likes and dislikes in the bedroom to being able to talk openly about sex and items linked to it.

Bashing females for simply embracing their sexuality is a seriously idiotic practice. These criticisms, most commonly known as “slut shaming,” attack women on their sexuality in a variety of ways. Aside from being perceived as promiscuous, women are criticized for the way they are dressed and talking openly about sex.

Aside from the obvious double standard, students should understand that having sex or embracing one’s sexuality does not make anyone a slut. Sex is a natural thing and someone’s sex life is a personal matter that needs no input from outside sources.

Men do not face the same stigma or opposition that women do when it comes to their sexuality. For men, sexual activity is actually embraced. A male with multiple sexual partners or experiences is often considered a hero or referred to as “the man.” Women are not so lucky.

If a woman has slept with what someone may feel is too many guys, she is labeled. If a woman’s clothes are deemed too provocative, she is labeled. Whether a woman may have had sex with someone is irrelevant. If there is any speculation of sexual intent or behavior, she has already been labeled.

Instead of the pats on the back that guys receive, women have to endure the madness of being labeled as sluts and other offensive terms. Students need to let peers make their own choices regarding sex and sexuality without judgment.

Someone’s sexuality and sex life is a personal choice that needs no outside opinions or input, unless asked. The appropriate number of sexual partners or the provocativeness of an outfit are subjective ideas. This should not even be a discussion.

Students need to make their own decisions about what is acceptable for them when it comes to their dress and sex lives. Students should make note that what may be normal for them is not necessarily someone else’s norm.

Sex is a natural thing. Students must not forget that their being on earth was because of an act of sex. Students need to get real about this. College students are adults and need to get rid of that blush-when-a-body-part-is-mentioned mentality. It is okay to be sexually active and students should feel okay talking about these subjects openly.

The act of embracing one’s sexuality is not at all shameful, and students need to be open-minded about this issue.