Q&A with Nancy Nusbaum, Interim director of Transportation Services


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Because of the upcoming changes to the bus system and parking services, The University Star sat down with Nancy Nusbaum, the interim director of Transportation Services, to discuss what will be different and why.

RK: What factors go into the decision of whether to change the shuttle system?
NN: We focus on how many students are in classes that day, and when large numbers of students will be leaving campus. So, there has been a draft of routes, and we met with two students of student government who are very active on the shuttle system. We will have the different shuttle plan out sometime around finals.

RK: Are there any routes that are going to change?
NN: Well, because of safety reasons, there will no longer be a stop at Shipley. The LBJ route will be changing because of construction, and the campus loop routes will be changing as well. There will also be a change in the Ranch Road 12 route to compensate for the LBJ route.

RK: Will there be a new garage opening for the West Campus Housing Complex that opens in the August?
NN: There will not be a garage, but there will be a limited number of spaces along the street. We’re also tearing down Canyon, San Saba and the West Warehouse and building green parking there. The Speck surface spot will be going away as well.

RK: Why will there no longer be hanging tags allowed for parking spaces?
NN: People will share those passes when they’re on hanging tags, and we know this because they will tweet and talk about it, so we no longer will allow them.

RK: What area will residents who have perimeter parking spaces be allowed to park in?
NN: Residents can now purchase only the perimeter lot that is in the Speck garage, and the reason we chose this lot is because there is a shuttle that goes to and from the lot in the day, and at night there is the Bobcat Bobbies. There were also be police escorts who will be able to bring them to their dorms at night until midnight.

RK: The STAR parking lot and The Meadows Center parking lot are going to be red restricted lots now—why is that?
NN: The employees at The Meadows Center will be given red passes so they can park there. They are given one because their contract does not require them to pay for parking. Student workers will not be given tickets. If there is a car registered to student who is not a worker, they will be ticketed. We will also have a machine there for a temporary permit you can purchase so you don’t get a ticket. We’re adding the ticket machines in five different areas on campus as well. We will also have the machines to purchase a temporary pass at the Speck Garage, the Pleasant Street Parking Garage, the Coliseum, and Bobcat Village so no student will have an excuse to get a ticket.

RK: How will vendors and services have to adjust to these new parking regulations?
NN: Vendors and services such as architects and elevator contractors have a contract with us so they will not get ticketed. Other services such as food delivery can park, but they have to have their emergency lights on and can only park there for fifteen minutes. They also have to have some identification that they’re a food service.

RK: Why are 20 reserved spots being added to the Woods Street Garage?
NN: We have reserved spaces at Alkek and Pleasant Street to name a few, and we have a waiting list for the faculty and staff to get those spots. So we’re creating those spots to help that list. We’re making them partly because we’re added for accessible parking on Bobcat Trail when it closes to the Pleasant Street Garage. Those are going to take up some restricted, so we’re moving restricted parking spots to the Woods Street Garage. We’re demolishing the Comanche Hill Apartments and Campus Colony apartments and leaving the parking there and then making all the rest of it green.

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