Commissioners vote to partially fund renovations to law enforcement center

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County commisioners voted to allocate $10,000 to remodel parts of the Hays County Law Enforcement Center.

Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to approve $10,000 in funding to put toward remodeling portions of the county jail.

According to the Hays County Commissioners Court agenda for April 22, Capt. Mark Cumberland requested a “required” remodeling of the Hays County Law Enforcement Center’s inmate holding area.

The design and construction of the remodel are estimated to cost less than $50,000, according to the agenda. The county-provided funding for the project was saved for “miscellaneous jail improvements” in the Tobacco Settlement Fund during fiscal year 2014. County staff will begin the process of securing construction services when an architect is chosen for the project and the design is finished, according to the agenda.

To obtain an architect, engineer or land surveyor for the remodeling project, the county must select a “highly qualified provider” based on competency and qualifications, according to the county’s contract for professional services.

The county must negotiate a contract with a reasonable price. If a “satisfactory contract” cannot be agreed upon with the most qualified contractor, the county must end negotiations with them, choose the next best provider and try to discuss a reasonable contract with that provider, according to the agenda.

According to the Hays County Professional Services Agreement for the project, the chosen contractor will provide the development and creation of architectural drawings for the remodeling of the inmate holding in the Hays County Law Enforcement Center.

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