Q&A with Commandah Panda, Riverfest performer

Trends Reporter

Fusing an eclectic mix of musical stylings to create a unique, danceable sound, DJ and Riverfest performer Commandah Panda spoke with The University Star about his origins, performance style and his future.

EM: When did you start your career as a DJ?
CP: I started my DJing in 2009.

EM: How did Commandah Panda come to be? What’s the story behind the name?
CP: I was originally called ‘DJ Panda,’ but I had found the name was too common. So I decided to change my name to something more interesting. The ‘Panda’ came from everyone calling me panda when I first started college. It eventually became a nickname and just stuck. The ‘Commandah’ came from when I first got into writing my own music. I was really into David Guetta’s track called “Commander” featuring Kelly Rowland. Having moved to Boston for university was an important step in my life, so I decided to give the word ‘commander’ some Boston flavor.

EM: How would you describe the music you play?
CP: I play a lot of different genres of tracks, but I always stick to genres that bang like electro house, trap and bass.

EM: Do you create your own music or do you remix others music?
CP: I do both.

EM: What do you like about performing for college audiences?
CP: I love being able to show college audiences new music through the sets I play. I always try to blend new tracks with familiar tracks.

EM: What’s in the future for Commandah Panda?
CP: Right now, I’m still writing songs for my debut EP, which will hopefully have a summer release. Other than that, getting more shows booked.

EM: What music festival would be the dream to be part of?
CP: My dream music festival to play would be Coachella.