Q&A with Glowkids and Fuse, Riverfest performers

Trends Reporter

A self-described intergalactic DJ duo, electronic dance music partners Glowkids & Fuse take the stage Thursday for Texas State’s annual spring concert, Riverfest. The University Star spoke with the pair about their music and upcoming performance.

EM: What’s the story behind Glowkids & Fuse? How did this collaboration come to be?
F: We were resident [solo] DJs for a weekly event in Boston—he was Glowkids and I was Fuse—and eventually, promoters started booking us to play together on a regular basis. We decided to officially collaborate as the Glowkids & Fuse duo in May 2012.

EM: When did Glowkids & Fuse become a reality?
G: Summer 2012 when we played Identity Festival.

EM: Do you perform for college audiences often?
F: Yes. We’re residents on the Illumina Live shows and travel to colleges during the spring and fall tour seasons.

EM: How would you describe the music you play?
G: Exciting, uplifting house music genres—progressive, vocal and electro house.
F: We’ve also been booked to play trance for shows in that scene.

EM: Do you create your own music, or do you remix others’ music?
G: To this point, we’ve created our own edits and mixes of other artists’ music, but are hoping to begin releasing originals in the next year.

EM: What do you like about performing for college audiences? What don’t you like?
F: Since college audiences can be really mixed crowds including a lot of people who are uneducated and/or unfamiliar with dance music, it’s really cool to be able to expose them to it. Instead of going totally mainstream or very underground, we make it a point to balance commercial dance music with some other sounds to cater both sides.

EM: What differentiates your DJ sets from other DJ sets?
G: Because there are two of us, we can physically do things a single DJ could never do. Four hands are better than two.

EM: What’s in the future for Glowkids & Fuse?
F: More shows in more places and original tracks. Another cool thing we do is interview some of the biggest EDM DJs and producers and post them to our blog. We’ll soon be working on producing a new podcast with some huge guests.

EM: What music festival would be the dream to be part of?
F: Electric Zoo or Euphoria.
G: EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival), Las Vegas.