The University Star wins TIPA, SPJ awards


Employees of The University Star are easily some of the hardest-working students at Texas State. Our reporters, photographers, copy editors, designers, illustrators, videographers, columnists and account executives dedicate countless hours to the products they produce, and are often asked to put The Star above their studies and social lives. Members of the editorial board spend three nights each week in the Trinity building putting together the print version of The Star, and typically do not leave the office until past 1 a.m.

Journalism is a public service, so the work is rewarding in itself. However, it feels really nice to have judges from two different organizations validate all of our hard work.

I’m thrilled to announce The University Star took home 22 awards from the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA) convention in San Antonio last weekend. Five of the awards were won during on-site contests, and the rest were given to entries that were submitted before the convention. Additionally, we won seven Mark of Excellence Awards at the Society of Professional Journalists’ Region 8 convention last month. Three of our entries won first place in Region 8 (which includes all of Texas and Oklahoma) and are moving on to nationals.

Before listing the winners, I’d like to highlight that The University Star was awarded first place in Overall Excellence out of the Division 1 newspapers at TIPA. Considering all of the great student newspapers in Texas, I’m most proud of this award and what it means for our staff.   

Without further ado, here are the awards we won this year:

Texas Intercollegiate Press Association, Division 1

1st Place – Overall Excellence

1st Place – Feature Photo, Austin Humphreys

1st Place – News Photo, Austin Humphreys

2nd Place – Best in Show

2nd Place – Opinion/Editorial Page Design, Staff

2nd Place – Editorial, Staff

2nd Place – Special Section/Edition, Staff

3rd Place – Editorial Cartoon, Lara Shine

3rd Place – Sports Page Design, Lee Moran

3rd Place – Page One Design, Lee Moran

3rd Place – Sports Feature Story, Quixem Ramirez

3rd Place – Feature Page Design, Lee Moran

3rd Place – Feature Story, Jordan Gass-Poore

3rd Place – Best Online Community Engagement, Staff

Honorable Mention – Single Subject Design, Lee Moran

Honorable Mention – Information Graphic, Lee Moran

Honorable Mention – News Story, Taylor Tompkins


TIPA On-Site Contest Winners

1st Place – Spanish News Writing, Liza Winkler

1st Place – PR Crisis Management, Nicole Barrios

1st Place – Print News Writing, Taylor Tompkins

2nd Place - Two-Person Photo Essay, Austin Humphreys and Madelynne Scales

2nd Place – Copy Editing, Lesley Warren


SPJ Region 8 Mark of Excellence Awards

Winner – General News Reporting, Traynor Swanson

Winner – Online Sports Reporting, Lee Moran and Quixem Ramirez

Winner – Online Feature Reporting, Staff

Finalist – Feature Writing, Caitlin Clark

Finalist – General News Reporting, Nicole Barrios

Finalist – Best Independent Online Student Publication, Staff

Finalist – Photo Illustration, Kristen Lefebvre