Gay couples must not conform to traditional relationship standards

Opinions Columnist | Journalism Junior

Those within the gay community should not strive to achieve an ideal that has been created by and for straight people—instead, LGBTQIA individuals should craft a unique view for their future.

There has always been this idea of the “perfect couple.” This idea of a relationship has been around for years. Everyone wants that fairy tale, American dream relationship. Unfortunately, the picture is a little different for those who are part of the LGBTQIA community. There will always be something different—and that is the way it should be.

Those within the gay community should want their own dreams. They should want their own ideas of a fairy tale or future rather than the preconceived notion everyone has grown up with.

Fighting for equality for everyone is something I am very passionate about. I agree that everyone should have equal rights when it comes to marriage and the privileges that come with it. However, some people fighting for equality want it to create this image they have painted in their heads based on something straight people have been concocting for years.  

Pinterest adds to this absurd American dream by allowing Pinners to make a “dream” wedding. People have the ability to search for every detail imaginable from wedding photo ideas and locations to the exact outfits each party will wear and pin them all in one area.

The problem with this is that even though it is a good idea in theory and it seems like a beautiful thing to do, not everyone fits into the same picture on that wedding board. This Pinterest board can be heartbreaking by reminding some that it is a dream being chased after that may be unobtainable.

All of these crazy notions and dreams can be chalked up to the idea of human nature and wanting something that is not possible to have. It is the same idea of the grass being greener on the other side. The grass may be greener on that side, but I do not want my grass looking like someone else’s. I want my grass looking like me.

Gays are creative people on their own. Needing a preconceived dream that has been around for straight people is like wearing last season’s fashions to this year’s New York Fashion Week. It is time to create a new dream to leave behind so future generations can decide if they want to have that one or make their own as well.

It is time to dismantle the fairy tale castle brick by boring brick and build a new, individual and achievable dream. Remembering in the process that everyone was built differently, but can stand side by side united for the same idea such as marriage, is a good way to trek forward with a different future.

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