Bobcats should utilize Student Health Center

Opinions Columnist | Healthcare Administration Senior

Students seeking basic health care off campus should divert their attention toward the Student Health Center as an exceptional resource.

Not all students use the Student Health Center, and, particularly for those who require urgent care, this is understandable. For the majority who do not require the detailed medical attention found off campus, however, the Student Health Center provides conveniences worth the patronage and loyalty of students.

Medical personnel at the Student Health Center can prescribe students medication, perform lab exams and render X-rays. Immunizations, which may be a study abroad or internship requirement, are also offered. Low prices at the Student Health Center are crowd pleasers. For example, students without health insurance need not avoid diagnosing their medical concerns. At the Student Health Center, each visit with a physician is $20, and many lab exams cost between $15 and $25.

The Student Health Center offers students services that go beyond treatment of the flu. HIV/STD testing and education, wellwoman exams (breast exams and pap smears) and support to quit smoking (assessment and private counseling with a nurse) are some services certainly valued by many.

The pharmacy’s over-the-counter formulary is available online, and all students should bookmark this webpage. The Student Health Center pharmacy sells pain relievers, wart removers, first aid antibiotics, bandages, medications for upset stomach and contraceptives. All these products are placed in a brown paper bag, meaning that students need not worry about others prying into their business. Also, checking in to the Student Health Center is done using computers in the lobby. This means that the person visiting the Student Health Center because they are developing a hoof on their left leg need not be afraid or embarrassed upon entering the waiting room.

Most impressive, medications are incredibly inexpensive at the Student Health Center. For example, 100 pain reliever tablets cost $3. The Student Health Center recently began accepting insurance. Students who have been avoiding health care on campus because their parents’ insurance was not accepted should now reconsider.

Lastly, the Student Health Center is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This means that patient rights, quality of care, privacy of medical records, staff and facility are assessed on a regular basis by people external to the organization. AAAHC standards are not as simple as Playskool or Fisher-Price. Because of this, there is no need to question the legitimacy and effectiveness of the Student Health Center.

Sure, the Student Health Center may not offer optical examinations like at the University of North Texas, but Texas State students take note—the services available on campus are crazy good. At the Student Health Center, students can get rid of their cough, seek professional advice and purchase reasonably priced antacids without ever stepping foot off campus.

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