Ron Paul speaks on campus at Young Americans for Liberty convention

Senior News Reporter

Preceded by chants and applause, former presidential candidate Ron Paul took the stage at Centennial Hall Saturday.

Students and San Marcos residents alike filled the lecture hall to hear Paul speak about freedom as part of the Young Americans for Liberty state convention hosted on campus.

Paul began his speech after receiving a standing ovation upon his arrival. People who are interested in spreading the message of liberty “have to have some fun doing it,” Paul said. People are starting to “wake up,” realizing they are “sick and tired” of the federal government.

“Governments are not supposed to be secret,” Paul said. “People’s privacy should be secret.”

A large majority of the population does not believe anything the government says, Paul said. Solutions to America’s current problem “are not complex,” he said.

Authoritative and totalitarian governments are “dismal failures,” Paul said. Ideas of freedom are progressing, but the movement depends on the current generation to fix the issues. Pressure put on the government by the public is very important, Paul said, and being a leader “stirs people up” to do the right thing.

“Freedom is popular,” he said.

Read the full story in Tuesday’s issue of The University Star.

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