Q&A with Ricardo Soliz, SACA pride and traditions coordinator


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One of the spring semester’s most anticipated events, Riverfest returns this year with an entirely different style of performer. Ricardo Soliz, SACA pride and traditions coordinator, discusses Riverfest’s musical departure and what students can expect from this year’s event.

KD: Who is playing at Riverfest?
RS: We don’t necessarily have a specific artist; it is more like a genre. We are doing EDM this year and the group we are bringing is iExperia.

KD: Besides the concert, what other events are going to be featured at Riverfest?
RS: We always give opportunities to other student organizations to kind of get a boost. We are going to be having a bunch of different booths around the cement walkways at the park. All the organizations will be selling items, promoting events or recruiting people. We also have some businesses coming to promote their products as well. Right now we are bringing Spotify and they will be giving away access codes and stuff like that.

KD: Why did SACA choose an EDM artist this year?
RS: Well we usually poll students through the SACA Facebook page and we always kind of get the same response for the techno and EDM genre and it is always a front-runner. But usually those artists are expensive because the genre is so popular. Though this year I found an organization that caters toward the college market and I wanted to make sure that we could raise enough funds to bring this group to San Marcos for Riverfest.

KD: What exactly is Riverfest?
RS: So Riverfest is one of our most anticipated events when it comes to SACA, and for Texas State in general. Right before finals kick off we have an all day festival at Sewell and it is kind of a way  of letting loose before we dive into finals. We usually bring in a big new artist and have other free giveaways and big announcements. It is really just a big stress relief before finals come and to get everything out of your system so you can really focus on the tests. It is also SACA’s last event of the year and we lead up all the anticipation up to this event.

KD: How long has Riverfest been going on?
RS: This is going to be the 11th year of Riverfest.

KD: How did Riverfest get started?
RS: When it was first started it was mainly just a student organization festival and they had battle of the bands competitions and they highlighted local artists, but it has now evolved into something much bigger as the years have gone by.

KD: Why should students come to Riverfest?
RS: When it comes to the entire student programing on campus, part of the tuition goes to the main student organizations like Cat Camp, Paws Preview, SACA, and ASG. So we put on events for students to take advantage of, so I would suggest people to go because you are technically helping us out anyways so we are putting on to give back to Texas State students. We do work hard throughout the semester so why not take advantage of the free things we put on for the students.

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