Quentin De La Garza, ASG presidential candidate

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TT: What made you want to run for president?
QD: The desire to really understand the issues on campus took time. It wasn’t something I just automatically knew how to fulfill, the role of representing a student. It took practice, it took time, it took going out and asking students, being at the meetings on time, really questioning concepts and ideas in and around the community, figuring out how the majority felt about certain situations in the chamber and outside of the chamber with the student body. I really feel like my passion and my desire to see Texas State excel and become the supreme and one of the most sought-out universities to want to go to is what I want from the student body and from the administration and from myself and from every student involved in Associated Student Government. I feel like if you’re not devoted to putting your all into this organization, then this organization is not for you. There’s a certain respect to Associated Student Government and the student body that has been rather lackluster and missing, in my belief. I feel like with my leadership and my ability to make a move and a change, I feel like I can truly represent the student body in a respectable and generous fashion.

TT: Why should students vote for you rather than your opponents?
QD: It’s not necessarily “should they vote for me or my opponent?” or “who’s this and who’s that?” It really comes down to, do you really, really trust and believe the person that’s speaking in front of you? Do you really feel that they’re actually representing you or themselves and their self-interests and their self-indulgence and their ego? Or is it because they truly want to represent the student body and what it means to sacrifice your time and possibly your lifestyle for the student body? I’m currently an officer candidate in the United States Marine Corps. The ideals that the warrior ethos teaches in the United States Marine Corps is that first it’s mission accomplishment, then it’s the men that you’re having to train and having to lead and then it’s yourself. So all those factors come into play whenever I make my decision and the things that I do in and around campus.

TT: What would you say are your main
QD: One would most definitely be our veterans campaign, because I feel like our ranking is not where it should be. We should be number one, hands down, no questions asked. We live in one of the most proud states in the union, and I feel like being an institution where we say we’re the Rising Star, let’s mean it, let’s be it, let’s be the star. Another one would be my environment campaign. I’m very, very serious about San Marcos and the university and how they both co-exist. Another would be the beautification of the university, making sure that it is as prestigious as possible and that the architecture is as amazing, as our LBJ director, Mr. (Jack) Rahmann, said “desirable.” Let’s expand another point that I really want to make sure to instill. LBJ (Student Center) should be our focal point. Students go in and out of there, that’s where families are going to see if their daughter or son go (here). Another thing that I feel is important would be academics. The reason why we’re here is because we need to get a degree and a job after college. Making sure that academics is the first priority, making sure that the students feel that they have a student body president that is going out of his way to create more opportunities to make it easier to register for classes. Another thing would be organizations here on campus. We have, I believe, over 350 student organizations, and one of them that is on the forefront of almost every talk or debate is the organization H.E.A.T. I feel like they bring a good essence to our campus that we should condone and that we should follow.