Tiffany Young, ASG presidential candidate

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TT: What made you want to run for president?
TY: I really do feel I’m confident in my ability to run this organization and be the best representative. I have the work ethic to really motivate myself and motivate others, to stay motivated and to keep fighting for the students and serving the students and reaching out to them. In my time here, I was really just truly passionate about ASG. I was able to find my voice through it. I want other students to be able to find their voices and really want to make a movement towards improving different aspects on campus including academics, environment, appreciation of veterans, pride and traditions, and we have something we’re going to start calling “the numbers campaign.”

TT: Why should students vote for you over your opponents?
TY: I truly think it’s the way that I think. I’m a strategic, very analytical thinker. I’m able to see situations and see what’s going to happen next and what it’s going to take to get there and the most effective way to reach that point. I’ve been in this organization, and with the positions I have held, I think I have more knowledge of the way that it works. And just my passion about this university, you know, I’ve never stopped. Since the moment I’ve arrived here, I wanted to strive for betterment and beautification of this campus. It’s something that I am going to still keeping working for in this administration.

TT: What are you main initiatives?
TY: We have academics, environment involvement, pride and traditions, veterans and something we’re calling “the numbers campaign.” For academics, the study abroad program, I think every college student should have the opportunity travel, and we really want to expand that scholarship opportunity for them because every student should have that opportunity. For environment, we want to expand Zipcar locations to, potentially, apartments because I think it’s a really successful something that’s been going on this year. Involvement to me is something I’m truly, truly passionate about. Without it, I wouldn’t be as confident as I am today. For veterans, we really want to recognize them. They do so much for us, they’ve served us, we thank them enough, but I think that there’s other ways that we could do that. The numbers campaign, you know, we’re always asking for concerns, and people really go for the negative way. We want to go for the positive, promote the knowledge of where we rank for certain things. I think that we’re a really great campus, and I want students to be knowledgeable of that.

TT: Is there anything else you’d like to discuss?
TY: I chose Texas State for a reason. I saw it as a growing institution, and I saw myself as a growing individual. I really wanted to choose a university where I felt that I could reach my maximum potential. I couldn’t be more happy to be here, and the time that I’ve spent here has really been a quality time. I’ve gained so much knowledge. I’ve met so many influential people. I’ve been happy to grow with Texas State and be a part of the growing as well.