John Willms, ASG presidential candidate

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TT: What made you want to run for president?
JW: Honestly, ever since I have gotten to this campus I’ve just fallen in love with Texas State. Everybody here is so nice, it’s just a wonderful campus. I was president of my hall council my freshman year and that’s given me motivation to just want to lead. I can’t think of anything better that I’d like to do than be the student body president of Texas State, honestly.

TT: Why do you think that students should vote for you over your opponents?
JW: I understand that ASG has had a problem with transparency, and from what I understand, most students don’t know about the student government, the fact that we have one. I think somewhere in the range of 5 percent of people vote. And I haven’t been involved in it, and I understand they’re trying to change the face of it. I’m just a regular student, and I know the issues. I haven’t been in the office, pinned up away from the students. I’ve had a year to learn what the problems are and what people want, and I think that I would be a great president.

TT: What are your main initiatives?
JW: My first initiative is the financial aid process for Texas State. While it’s good, I understand it takes a while to process things and a lot of my friends have had to take out loans to cover because how the time delay issues affect it. They’ve had to take semesters off and certain things like that. While the blame isn’t all on Texas State, I certainly want to investigate. And I know other universities have maybe more efficient policies and I would be willing to travel to those universities and learn how they do it. And, another thing that I would like is I really think that we need hammocks on campus. We have two over by the (Agricultural Building) but nobody really knows about them. I know that crime would be a problem about getting them stolen, but nobody takes the tables and chairs that we have, and I think inside or outside hammocks would be a fantastic addition to Texas State and it will fit right in with the river atmosphere. My third point, and I talked to President Trauth tonight and she understands that it’s an issue, I think if we had cigarette receptacles to dispose of cigarette butts properly, it would cut down on the amount of litter. I don’t know if you’ve been to the patio outside Derrick or behind Alkek, there are cigarette butts everywhere. If people throw them on the ground, that’s littering, if people throw them in the trash can, that’s a hazard. They can cause a fire. I understand that a receptacle would look like we’re promoting smoking, but in my opinion we would be promoting environmental responsibility. That’s what I’m all about.

TT: Is there anything else you’d like to discuss?
JW: Win or lose I’m happy to be in this town. I really plan on staying here probably most of the rest of my life. Between here, or Wimberley, or New Braunfels, the Texas Hill Country is one of the best places on earth. If I’m not voted president, then I will find plenty of things to do in this town. If I am voted president, I will work my hardest to make sure that this university benefits.

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