Sean Quiñones, ASG vice presidential candidate

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TT: What made you want to run for vice president?
SQ: Right now I feel like our student government is not very passionate, it’s not very effective. That kind of bugs me because our student government is our direct connection to the administration, and I feel that it needs to be one of the strongest organizations on campus. What made me want to run was that I feel like my experience has led me to this, and I feel that I can do a very good job of motivating our senate to be more passionate, to represent our students a lot better, so that way our students actually feel like our student government listens and our administration is actually hearing what they have to say.

TT: Why should students vote for you over your opponent?
SQ: This is a hard one, just for the reason that my opponent is a really cool guy. Christian Carlson is very passionate about ASG, just as I am. The difference between us is I feel like my leadership styles are different and a little more effective. I feel that with my experience I’ve had, I have been really capable of revamping organizations. I’m vice president of Men Against Violence, a lot of people don’t know what that is. If you would have asked a few months ago, not a single person would have told you what it was. I think I have done a really good job of really promoting that organization and really getting our message out there. And I feel that this position of student body vice president would allow me to take our whole university to a level it’s never been before.

TT: What are your main initiatives?
SQ: Well I have four. The first one is I want to better diversify student government. I think that right now, our senate is very heavily Greek. Nothing wrong with that, I love Greeks, but I think that our students need to be better represented. I think that is the way to make students feel heard. My other initiative, I’m really, really passionate about strengthening our resources on campus. We have great resources on campus already.  One thing that I would really like to do is increase our food. Having worked with Chartwells before, we are very capable of extending the amount of food options on campus. Another one of my initiatives is making ASG, your student government, more transparent. Right now, a lot of students don’t know who we are or what we do. I want to implement a comment page on the Associated Student Government site, where students can come, comment or voice concerns, questions or anything at all. My last initiative is to really strengthen our city liaison position. Right now, we have one senator that is appointed to a city liaison position that works with the City of San Marcos. I would like to change that to two city liaison positions and also add a committee underneath those positions. That way, by working with the City of San Marcos, we can start to kind of change the perspective that locals have of students and students have of locals.

TT: Is there anything else you want to talk about?
SQ: I am just so proud to be running for this position solely for the reason that I knew I wanted to come to Texas State since I was in seventh grade. Kennedy and LBJ were my two favorite presidents. I believe that some of the things they did in their administration have totally shaped the way our country is today. LBJ passed away, and he passed away before I was born. So I knew I would never get to meet LBJ. When I was in seventh grade, I came here for Bobcat Day and I saw the LBJ statue. I shook his hand as a seventh grader, and thought to myself, “Well this is the closest I’ll ever get to meeting him.” It’s a little dorky, but I cried. I cried because LBJ is my idol, he’s everything that I would like to be one day. I am getting goose bumps talking about it. If I can do anything in his image then I am going to.