Christian Carlson, ASG vice presidential candidate

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TT: What made you want to run for vice president?
CC: Really, what made me want to run for it was the overall vision that I had for the university and the student body itself as far as what the university can provide the students and what the students can provide the university with. I noticed this vision that I had, and it was never about the office position or where I would be in the student government, but what I wanted to attain and which position would allow me to attain that most effectively. And so I realized that many things, many concerns that students have, aren’t necessarily being recognized and aren’t necessarily being moved upon. And that was noticed literally in the fall semester whenever I joined.

TT: Why do you think students should vote for you over your opponent?
CC: I believe that overall, I’m more passionate about this university as a whole and encompassed in that is student government, encompassed in that are the multiple tiers that we have on our platform and I just believe that with this passion that I have for our university, with the passion that I have for every single person that walks on this campus, I will be able to help them out with any problems that they have and help direct their problems into a certain goal and achieve that goal. I haven’t seen much progression as far as addressing concerns in the past so I stepped up and did that right away and I believe I will be able to make a consistent characteristic of mine whenever I am in office.

TT: What would you say are your main initiatives?
CC: My main initiatives, of course we have different tiers, but the tiers that I focus on the most are improving the amount of the students who are involved on campus. We have tons of organizations, we have over 350, and yet within those 350 organizations you seem to find the same students over and over again and just compounding in what they’re involved in. Along with that I am very interested in improving our status as a veteran friendly school. I know that we are already nationally ranked and that is a huge thing to me, but upon seeing and upon researching these universities that are above us in the rankings, there’s a strong difference between the number 10 school and the number 11. And I want to push us into that top tier of veteran-friendly universities.

TT: Is there anything else we should go over or talk about?
CC: This whole me only being in the student government for even a semester and a half may seem to be a problem to some people, and I want that to be changed, I don’t like that. I don’t like that view. And I don’t want it to seem like I am some sort of novice or I’m new to organizations, I’m new to executive boards and everything. I began my freshman year. I had very little knowledge of the university’s resources and organizations. I worked at KTSW for one semester and that was just because of my major at the time, so my freshman year I didn’t really do much. I started to get involved, I joined a fraternity as well as became a counselor for Cat Camp, which is a pride and traditions camp for incoming freshmen. I became a counselor again and met a bunch of other people and throughout that next year, my sophomore and junior year, I moved up to the executive board of my fraternity, I was a counselor again for Cat Camp, I did Bobcat For A Day and again held multiple positions within each of those organizations. I joined an organization called the Student Organizations Council (this most recent fall) and became on the executive board for that as well as joined ASG.

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