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Students should embrace online dating sites as a fun and innovative way to connect with potential significant others as opposed to more traditional methods.

Most aspects of today’s society have been infused with technology in some way, and the dating scene is no different. Online dating has become a huge cultural phenomenon, one in which people both young and old participate.

The idea that online dating sites are something reserved solely for old spinsters and desperate oddballs has slowly started to fade as new dating apps and sites targeting younger crowds have come to the forefront. Dating sites aimed specifically at college students are more popular than ever.

DateMySchool is an app and website designed to connect students and alumni of particular schools. To reduce the risk of random creeps lying about where they went to college, an “.edu” email address is required to even register for the service. DateMySchool not only identifies the colleges users attend but their majors and classifications as well. The idea of the site is to provide a means of connection for people who attend the same university but would not have otherwise run into each other. With school, work and social engagements taking up most of a college students’ schedule, it can be tough to find time for romance. Online dating sites targeted toward students can really help in this respect and are worth a try.

Another trend in the online dating scene is apps less focused on love and more focused on hookups. The most notable of these is Tinder. The basics of this app are simple. Students’ profiles contain three sections—pictures, shared interests and shared friends. The app requires users to connect with their Facebook account, which is where the information is pulled from. After setting an age range and proximity, users are shown a bevy of potential matches. If you want to “like” the person, you swipe to the right, and if you want to “nope” them, you swipe to the left. If the person that you “liked” also swiped right for you, you have the opportunity to send them a message.

The thirst is real on sites like Tinder that focus on casual hookups. If students are not looking for anything more than a casual date or late night hookup, Tinder is an easy way to find that. Messages like “I have never had chocolate. Can I get a taste? ;)” fill users’ inboxes on the daily, especially at night. While I do not personally get down with casual encounters, sites such as Tinder are perfect for students looking for a casual fling. As long as students remember that safe sex is the best sex, online dating can be the perfect place for those interested in a quick hookup. Sites like Tinder help participants skip all the B.S. and get down to business quickly, perfect for the busy university students who do not have time for a full-blown romance.

In a day and age where everyone seems to be glued to their phones, it makes perfect sense that the place to look for love connections has moved mobile. Students should embrace the wave of online dating sites and apps sweeping the web and see where it takes them.

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