Willie Nelson performs with family

It was a family affair March 15 when Willie Nelson played an hour-long set on various instruments with his sons Lukas and Jacob Micah Nelson and sister Bobbie Nelson, along with his regular band members.

Nelson played an acoustic guitar during the set and opened with “Whiskey River” to a crowd that sang along to almost every tune. The show rolled along quickly with the band never actually stopping in between songs, but instead playing through transitions, turning the set into a medley.

Nelson thanked the audience for “coming out tonight” in his signature voice and took his hat off after a few songs to reveal his famous red bandana. Nelson stopped midway through the show to introduce his band and family members who joined him on stage. His two sons, in their mid-20s, were introduced, and his sister was highlighted with a solo song she played on the piano.

Nelson’s son, Lukas, paid tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan and played his song “Texas Flood.” Nelson was later joined by Lily Meola, a young blues vocalist similar to singer-songwriter Norah Jones, to perform a duet.