“Veronica Mars” premiers at SXSW


Nearly seven years after TV’s favorite teen sleuth aired her final episode, “Veronica Mars” reappeared at SXSW’s film festival thanks to the legions of loyal fans who donated to the movie’s production budget via Kickstarter.

The film is set nine years following the show’s third season, long after Veronica Mars, played by Kristen Bell, left her home in Neptune for a law firm position in New York City. Mars is tasked with solving her biggest mystery to date in the movie: who really killed Carrie Bishop?

 “Veronica Mars” brings together old favorites from the TV show through a high school reunion, roping in old and new fans alike.

The film premiered at SXSW March 8 and featured red carpet appearances by the film’s stars and director. Bell weighed in on what she thought of the debate over whom Veronica should ultimately end up with: Logan or Piz. The film’s director, Rob Thomas, is a San Marcos High School alumnus who made history because of the film’s unorthodox fundraiser and its distribution.

After the world premiere in Austin, “Veronica Mars” was given a wide-release distribution to movie theaters and video-on-demand services. Fans are able to pay for and watch the film at home through their digital cable providers. The distribution marked the first instance of a simultaneous home and wide-release by a major Hollywood Studio.