On March 14 I ended up at the nicest bar I went to all week (Stephen F's Bar in case you were wondering), expecting to be bored out of my skull by some folk music. The first band I saw was good at what they did, had very beautiful voices and good instrumentation but it takes a lot for me to be into a band that falls into the weird radio-folk, Mumford and Sons-esque category. 

I was pleasantly surprised by Mideau, a Utah band whose songs ranged from synth heavy dancing music to piano-laden bouncy ballads. The duo's voices layered perfectly over the songs lyrics. Singer and guitar player Libby Linton has a voice reminiscent of Regina Spektor with tinges of Ingrid Michaelson but still uniquely her own. Synth player and singer Spencer Harrison compliments Linton's voice with his smokey harmonies and even showed off his vocal range by jokingly singing True by Spandau Ballet in between songs (you'd recognize it if you heard it).

What struck me most about this band was how genuinely excited they seemed to be about playing at SXSW. They had a great banter with the crowd in between songs and were continually grateful to those who were listening to them. There was a break in the set when they brought out a cake and sang to Harrison for his 27th birthday, and the duo and their band seemed to simply be happy that they were there.

Mideau's music was equally endearing and happening upon their set was one of my more pleasantly surprising shows I saw all week.