Interracial couples face scrutiny, hardships

Assistant Opinions Editor | Journalism sophomore

Even in this age of social awareness and acceptance, there are still many negative stigmas attached to interracial dating that students need to understand and fight against.

There are certain couple pairings that seem to garner society’s acceptance more than others. Mixed race couples with a white woman and a black man, for example, are often considered more acceptable than a couple comprised of a black woman and a white man. Couples who do not fit within the narrow limits of American sensibilities often receive not-so-subtle double takes when walking around in public.

Black women in relationships with white men must often bear the brunt of a lot of unfair criticisms. Whereas black men are often encouraged to date white women by each other and society at large, a black woman dating a white man is perceived as a sellout. White women are viewed as the pinnacle of womanhood and are often seen as part of success for black men. It seems that if white women are the prize at the top of the ladder, black women are the rungs that are used to climb it.

Famous twins Tia and Tamera Mowry recently appeared on a program produced by Oprah Winfrey titled “Where Are They Now?” On the segment, Tamera spoke candidly about all of the hateful comments and backlash she has received on the Internet because of her marriage to her white husband. People called Tamera things like “the white man’s whore” and said because she did not date a black man like her sister, Tia, she was somehow not a real black woman. Interestingly enough, Tia also received comments saying her sister Tamera was a better black woman for marrying a white man. It seems as if black females just cannot win.

The experience of not feeling wanted by your own is deeply hurtful. Black women who are searching for black men to date can sometimes face difficult and upsetting situations in today’s dating scene. This perception of a lack of interest contributes to black woman/white man relationships becoming more common.

In the interracial dating game, it often seems as if minority men are always chasing white women while white men are pursuing minority women. This pursuit of women of color is often a result of the fetishization of certain ethnicities by white men.

Many women of color have been portrayed as hypersexual in media and have come to have fetishes associated with their races or ethnicities. Some men are more interested in dating a caricature of what they perceive someone to be because of their race than the person themselves.

In a perfect world, love would be blind. People would love who they wanted regardless of race or gender and still be accepted as functioning parts of society. Even though that is not always possible in today’s world, Bobcats should pursue whomever they desire. More people may be down with the swirl than
students realize.

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