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Tre’ion Murray, fashion merchandising junior, uses social media to raise awareness of his design company, Todd Vinci.

When Tre’ion Murray was deciding what to name his clothing design company, he thought about the lives of famed artists and creators, hoping their achievements would help inspire some of his own.

Inspiration finally struck the fashion merchandising junior, and he settled on the name Todd Vinci, which means “clever conqueror.”

“It’s framed after Leonardo da Vinci, because a lot of his art went unfinished, and I related that to a lot of people’s passions and desires,” Murray said.  

Murray said he began working as a fashion designer his sophomore year at Texas State. He originally only made 12 shirts and sold them out of his backpack. Murray’s customers praised his simple, streamlined designs.  

“(Keeping) it simple is thinking outside the box,” Murray said.  

Murray decided to utilize social media to further promote his line after word of his products began to spread across campus. Murray said two of his friends distributed Todd Vinci shirts at Riverfest and posted photos of people wearing them on Instagram. Now, Murray continues to post designs on Instagram and other social media sites to test how students receive them.

Murray said his vision is for Todd Vinci to evolve into a lifestyle brand, as opposed to just being a clothing line.  

“I want people to know that if there is something you love to do, don’t be afraid to go for it,” Murray said. “Do you what you love to do. People are afraid to believe in the unknown.”

Murray said his goal after graduation is to get a job and save up enough money to open a Todd Vinci boutique. He would like to add more products to his online e-commerce shop as well.

So far, Murray has created Todd Vinci long and short-sleeved shirts, beanies and baby onesies.  

“I want to touch everyone, young and old,” Murray said. “There’s no cap on who I can motivate. My vision that God gave me isn’t just to touch college students.”

Murray said the Todd Vinci team strives to make every design purposeful, assigning meaning to each piece created. Murray works closely with a team that includes Nathan Slaughter, executive assistant and graphic designer. Slaughter said he primarily uses computer design programs to create the unique Todd Vinci designs.

The brand’s designs take a significant amount of time to create despite being simple by nature. Murray’s work references anything from ancient myths and legends to his own background and hobbies.

“I take inspiration from history and my childhood,” Murray said. “The Nefertiti’s design means ‘beautiful.’  I feel like more women need to use their imagination and (know) that they are something special.”

Pauline Sullivan, fashion merchandising associate professor, said Murray is an example for students from all disciplines.

“Believe in yourself and start out in a manageable way,” Sullivan said. “Your education enables you to grow your business. Everyone has dreams while they are in college and should use the resources around them to make those come true.”

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