Labors of Love: Making the most of your Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, students should keep certain things in mind to make the most of their holiday.

For those who have significant others in their lives, Valentine’s Day is a holiday with special meaning. For many, it is a day to celebrate one’s relationship and do something special for one another. The typical Valentine’s Day outing often consists of fine dining, chocolate, flowers and a special gift. While there’s nothing wrong with a typical Valentine’s date night, students should keep their minds open to other possibilities.  

First of all, Valentine’s Day does not have to be a grand affair. Couples can still have a romantic holiday without going out to a fancy restaurant and spending their rent money on an artfully arranged selection of expensive food and gifts. There is no shame in getting comfy, ordering a heart-shaped pizza from Valentino’s and spending the night watching Netflix and playing video games. As long as plans are mutually agreed on and thoughtful, there is no need to break the bank this Valentine’s.

If students do decide they want to go out on a traditional Valentine’s date, that is fine, too. Couples going out for the holiday should keep local businesses such as Root Cellar in mind when picking a date location. After all, there is no better way for students to show their special someone they care by going somewhere nice and supporting a local business.

That said, ladies should not always expect their men to do all the planning on V-day. Valentine’s Day, if it is important to a couple, should be special for both parties. Yes, men should make an effort to please their women, but reciprocation is key. Both parties should put an effort into pleasing their partners with romantic gestures. Ladies should not expect their men to do everything for them and vice versa.

For those students still without a Valentine, there are plenty of other fun things to do this holiday. Single Bobcats can prowl The Square, attend a concert or get drunk with friends. The options are limitless.

Students, single or not, should make sure to show their family and friends love on Valentine’s Day. While the holiday is mainly dedicated to romantic love for a significant other, it is also about loving the other people who make life worth living. Single students in particular should show family and friends their love and appreciation this Valentine’s.

But more than anything else, single students should make sure not to crap all over the happiness of loving couples this holiday. “Singles Awareness Day” jokes stopped being funny long ago. Just because singles may not have a significant other to call their own this holiday does not mean they have the right to ruin the nights of others. Single students need not be bitter—there are plenty of things and people they can do this Valentine’s Day. Lurking The Square Valentine’s night, single Bobcats can find their Mr. or Mrs. Right Now and enjoy a fun night curled up in the arms of an equally lonely stranger if they wish.

That said, all students engaging in wanton debauchery this Valentine’s evening should make sure to practice safe sex. There is nothing less romantic than waking up after a reckless encounter with bumps where they should not be or having to make an awkward call to someone only half-remembered.

Students, whether they plan on having sex or not, should make sure their birth control is in order before going out on Valentine’s. Cupid’s disease may sound cute, but things get real fast when a doctor has to inject your junk with penicillin. Students should stock up on condoms while they can.

All-in-all, this Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for students to have a little harmless fun and let those important to them know they are loved. Whether single or in a relationship, the editorial board would like to wish all students a safe, consensual, romantic holiday weekend.

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