Political bias does not belong in classrooms

Special to the Star | Journalism senior

Texas State professors should attempt to eliminate political bias from the classroom so students can be free from influence and able to make their own judgments.

As any college student can attest, there seems to always be at least one professor during a semester that has to make his or her political beliefs known. It may even be completely off-topic, but somehow certain professors always manage to let students know that they support Obama or Romney or whoever else.

Sometimes, lectures can even become completely devoted to a controversial political issue, and the professor will label anyone who does not agree with them as an idiot. I have seen this scenario play out more than once. Although not every instructor at Texas Sate is like this, I think we can all agree that the trend exists, is annoying and should be stopped.

Although many students may not care, the fact remains that lectures should remain untainted by political bias. However relevant a professor may think it is to give some insight into his or her personal beliefs, that information will probably not make much of a difference to the lesson and at worst, stands to misinform students or alienate others. I already know where I stand when it comes to politics, and I cannot stand it when someone tries to shove their opinions down my throat, especially in an academic environment. Everyone has their own morals and values, and discussion of such issues should remain separate from lectures.

I am not trying to say that a professor should not be allowed to freely express their philosophies every now and then, or speak to students outside of the context of the classroom. It only becomes a problem when educators continually try to advance their own ideas in the classroom while putting down students’ opinions. When this happens, students can start to feel as if their beliefs do not matter and will stop wanting to voice their thoughts. This should never be the case.

Universities in general are breeding grounds for a variety of different beliefs and ideas. People who make the decision to attend college and further their education should be able to gain a well-rounded view of their nation, its founding principles and ideas. Students should not just be subjected to one view about an issue. If a professor really feels the need to address a popular topic of political debate, they should do so by offering both sides of the spectrum. Through this balance, students are better able to form their own opinions free from outside influence.

Unfortunately, many university professors have decided against this way of thinking and instead insist on pushing their own political agendas. I do not agree with this, and I am sure many other students do not as well. Professors should be encouraging students to exchange ideas and opinions without their own input.