Child Development Center assists student, faculty parents

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Casey Mayo, Texas State student, enrolled her daughters Laila and Claire for day care at the Child Development Center.

The on-campus Child Development Center caters to and looks after the children of both faculty members and students, allowing parents more time to focus on their classes.

Jessica Belovoskey, education senior, is one of the 25 student workers employed at the Child Development Center located near the Student Recreation Center. She has worked as a babysitter at the center for the past nine months.

 “(I started working there) just because I needed a job, and one my friends who works here told me they were hiring so I applied and ended up actually changing my major because of this job,” Belovoskey said.

After spending time at the center, Belovoskey said she discovered a love for childcare and teaching, leading to her switch from a major in mass communication-advertising to education.

Many students elect to work at the center to get experience in childcare and are typically paid between $7.50 and $9 based on position and practice.

The Child Development Center provides care and supervision for about 80 children ranging from six weeks to four years old and is open to Texas State students, staff and faculty, said Dienitha Fontenot, the center’s director. The larger community of San Marcos is welcomed, though they are placed on a priority-based waiting list after Texas State parents, Fontenot said.

Fontenot said the student worker positions at the center are helpful for those who want to become teachers and professional childcare providers in the future.

 The center’s classrooms are divided into seven different groups based on age, each of which overseen by different teaching staff. Staff duties range from the creation and teaching of daily educational lesson plans to monitoring the children.

“It is our job to support (the students) by helping them become successful here and even after they leave,” Fontenot said. “It’s beneficial for both of us.”

Belovoskey said her shifts at the center are among the best parts of her day, lifting her spirits.  

“It’s rare when you’re going to find such enthusiasm from anybody else besides a child,” Belovoskey said.
Casey Mayo, Texas State student and mother, enrolled her children in the school’s program three years ago while taking on a nine-hour semester.

Mayo said she researched the “fabulous program” extensively and was excited to be placed on the waiting list and eventually accepted at the center.

“Being a student and a mom is extremely difficult,” Mayo said. “The teachers, professors and everyone else in the education department have been amazing about working with me.”

Fontenot said most of the children who are enrolled at the center have parents who are faculty members.

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