Public grand opening planned for Performing Arts Center


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Bringing together several different disciplines in the College of Fine Arts, the upcoming season opener for the new Performing Arts Center will be one of the university’s largest productions to date.

The center’s performance season will kick off March 2 with two showings of “Public Spectacular,” said Timothy Mottet, dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication. Mottet said the performances will take place in the Patti Strickel-Harrison Theater in the center, which can hold up to 312 patrons.

Preceding the grand opening shows, a ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place with a dinner for the Board of Regents and an invitation-only performance to help introduce donors and alumni to the new center.
Mottet said the private performance will be put on by more than 250 students who are members of the school chorus, dance program, opera and orchestra.

The opening of the new center is important for both students and residents who want to watch and enjoy a fine arts performance, said Steven Vogel, performance senior.

“Being one of the most long awaited buildings to open on campus, I believe that the new facility after the opening will bring a significant rise in attendance of the fine arts events,” Vogel said.

The center will provide a “beautiful space” for students to perfect and perform the craft of fine arts, Vogel said.

“After the opening nights of the Performing Arts Center, this theater is going to expand what students will be able to do and it will showcase the programs we have and the level of artistic and musical achievement,” said Joey Martin, associate dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication.

Martin said the magnitude of the center’s opening season has potential to help recruit students for the fine arts program. After the center’s grand opening performances, there will be several other opportunities for students and guests to see Texas State talent on display.

“Further events that will take place throughout the course of the year are the faculty string quartet, the musical theatre (program) is going to put on a musical called ‘Anything Goes’ in April,” Martin said. “There will be a performance of the Saint John Passion just before holy week and a dance performance at the end of the year and many more performances.”

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