Bieber fixation, hate unjustified compared to similar celebrities

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The petition to deport Justin Bieber back to Canada is a waste of time and comes off as overly self-righteous.

ABC News reported more than 200,000 people have signed a petition aiming to kick Bieber out of the U.S., enough to warrant a response from the White House. This petition paints the pop star as “dangerous, reckless, destructive and drug-abusing,” and claims he is wrongly representing the U.S. in the world of pop culture.  

Personally, I believe Bieber is completely spot-on with his representation of American youth. He may not be from this country, but he is more than capable of exhibiting the special brand of brat that populates American schools nationwide. He is the perfect, raw example of teenage angst mixed with the unwarranted, snobbish assurance the world apparently owes him. His random outbursts of anger, drug use and reckless behavior unfortunately epitomize the spoiled yet troubled adolescents in our country. On that basis, the petition is wrong.

I find the petition to be sickeningly self-righteous. Bieber is certainly an ass, but he is essentially the same as other pop stars who began their slow decline into depravity long before he did. Many other young icons have openly admitted to using drugs and have been arrested for all kinds of stupid, crazy things. I sincerely doubt these petitioners have been secretly lying in wait until they could finally do something about the menace such celebrities pose to American society. I bet they practically drooled with sanctimonious pleasure as they added their signatures to the petition.

Even if, by some miracle, Bieber were actually deported, it would not make a difference. He is still world-renowned.

His pasty man-child face would still be plastered across television screens worldwide. Little girls will still fall victim to his crooning and artfully furrowed brows. He would continue to get in trouble, and his bad influence could still potentially spread. The term “Bieber fever” is not far from the truth. Bieber will no doubt continue to burn hotter and hotter until he finally breaks. When he crashes and burns, the whole world will see, regardless of what country he is in.

Of course, he will likely never be deported. As ardent as these holier-than-thou petitioners are, democracy stands no chance against cash and fame. It stands in his favor that none of the crimes he has committed so far are actual felonies for which his green card could be revoked.

Overall, this petition has done nothing more than show the White House a handful of citizens are afraid of Bieber turning their neglected teens into no-good punks. Once again, American laziness is on display—it is certainly more convenient for Americans to petition to get Bieber removed from the country rather than actually monitor what media their children are exposed to.

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