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Known for his larger-than-life Twitter presence, Shawn Onyechi, exercise and sports science junior, seems to have reached Texas State celebrity status. Onyechi is the co-founder of party planning company Endless Entertainment and boasts nearly 90,000 followers on his Twitter account, @BigNeechi. Although many students feel like they know Onyechi through his online presence, there is more to his story than meets the eye.

LB: Where did you grow up, and what did you do before you came to Texas State?
SO: I grew up in Deer Park, Texas, and I am from Houston. I was captain of my football team and got a scholarship to play in college in Arkansas. In high school, I was one of the top recruits in Texas. I was playing football in Arkansas for a little while then wanted to come to Texas State since it was closer to home.
LB: You have so many followers on your Twitter account. Do you ever get recognized on campus?
SO: Ninety percent of the time I don’t, and 10 percent of the time it’s at the rec center.

LB: What do you do now that you’re in San Marcos at Texas State?
SO: I wanted to play football, but that didn’t work out. That’s when I was reunited with one of my best friends and business partner, Claudio Mayen, and things didn’t work out for him either. We teamed up and Claudio wanted to throw a pool party for his birthday. We threw a summer bash at The Retreat pool and hit maximum capacity. After that we decided to keep throwing events and make the community better. These parties are for students to enjoy, meet other students and have fun for a cheap cost. All the stuff we do is mainly bringing students together so they can have fun and enjoy their college experience. We formed Endless Entertainment July 29, 2013 and our company is designed to increase school spirit, promote local events, diversity and bring the community together. Recently, I became a part of the Texas State Student Leadership Board.  

LB: What are your future plans?
SO: Right now we have Texas State Trendsetters. It started when I was setting trends online. I had put Texas State Trendsetters in my bio, and as I started going I picked up Claudio. Now we have new members. We’re all working to make the campus better. Endless Entertainment is more of a party-throwing company while Texas State Trendsetters is a promotional organization. We want to increase school spirit and tradition, like past traditions. We want to continue the past traditions and take it to another level. We’re going to have promo girls that promote local events, relay student body messages and donate to charity. We want to turn normal students into campus leaders. I’m just really about helping my team reach their goals.

LB: How do you feel about Texas State and its culture?
SO: I feel like it is very diverse, positive and moving in a good direction. I would like to see all the communities come together for one purpose and not for individual purposes. I want to see everyone come together as a university. We feel like that’s what separates the top tier universities from the up and coming universities. We want to make Texas State one of the top tier universities by continuing school spirit and tradition by making everyone work toward one oriented goal. Whatever race or whatever you stand by we will support to make it better. We want to throw events and parties that attract all of the student body. We want everyone to enjoy themselves without having to think about if they will be accepted. Everyone should come together as a Bobcat family.

LB: “White Girl Wednesday,” an online phenomenon surrounding male appreciation for Caucasian females, has exploded this past year. Did you start this trend?
SO: Yes, I started “White Girl Wednesday” with my co-founder, Kareem Williams, aka John Tucker. We mainly did it because we’re very diverse and don’t believe every race is secluded to its own ethnicity. We support every race, and we like every race.  

LB: How many hours a day do you spend on social networks?
SO: I would say everybody spends as much time as they want. On a computer, not that long. On my cellular device, I’m always available. It’s just like a text message.

LB: If you ran Texas State, what would you do or change?
SO: I wouldn’t change a lot, but there are things I would change like have everybody love and respect each other and have no individual prosper for themselves but as a university. I would not want our past traditions to change too dramatically. Also, there should be increased chivalry. More men need to step up, be gentlemen and deliver more respect to our beautiful Bobcat females.

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