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Three local businesses may soon face relocation or closure due to the construction of a proposed mixed-use development recently approved by commissioners, pending city council discussion.

San Marcos Planning & Zoning commissioners approved a height request Jan. 29 for a nine-story mixed-use complex to be built on the corner of Edward Gary and Hutchinson Streets by Carson Properties. Cedars Mediterranean Restaurant, Eskimo Hut and Triple Crown may be demolished to make way for the development, raising questions about the businesses’ futures.

Cedars and Eskimo Hut are located on leased land, while the owners of Triple Crown bought their property outright. Carson Properties has purchased the land for all three properties. The development’s future is expected to be discussed further during the Feb. 18 San Marcos City Council meeting.

Cedars Mediterranean Restaurant
Omar Aldmour, owner of Cedars Mediterranean Restaurant, said his lease for the space will be up in two months and cannot be renewed because the building will be demolished if the councilmembers approve the project, he said.

Aldmour said he has no plans to move Cedars to another location in San Marcos.

 “I really like what I did here,” Aldmour said. “I’ll try to get another job, but it definitely won’t be (running) another restaurant.”

Triple Crown
Triple Crown has boasted 6,207 consecutive days of live music in its present location since 1996, but the business will have to continue operations elsewhere, said owner Allen Manning. Manning said he would prefer to relocate to a new venue twice the size of the existing bar.

Carson Properties bought Triple Crown’s land, but is not forcing the bar to move, Manning said. Manning did not disclose exactly how much money the company has paid him, but the developer met his selling price, he said. This is the first time a developer has offered to buy the land Triple Crown sits on, Manning said.

Manning said he does not know when the final show will be held, but it will probably take place on a Friday or Saturday. It will be a “bittersweet night,” he said.

Eskimo Hut
Eskimo Hut’s lease will also not be renewed because of the development. Patrick Hill, manager of Eskimo Hut, said he found out the establishment will be demolished when the landowners told him they were not going to renew the lease for the upcoming year.

New owners took control of Eskimo Hut last November and never had the chance to realize its potential, he said.
The owners have not yet found a replacement location for Eskimo Hut, Hill said.

Hill said he does not know if Carson Properties is compensating the owners of Eskimo Hut for the property.

Eskimo Hut has held its current location for two years, Hill said. It used to sit where Josie’s Frozen Yogurt is located on University Drive.

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