Phase 2 of environmental protection plan approved by P&Z commissioners

News Reporter

Planning for a student housing development at Cape’s Camp can now begin after Planning & Zoning commissioners approved the second phase of an environmental protection plan.

Commissioners approved Phase 2 of the Qualified Watershed Protection Program by a vote of 5 to 4 during their meeting Tuesday. The program outlines regulations for the quality of water on the land and how it should be treated.

John Doucet, an engineer who helped outline the program, said the plan consists of drainage and water quality stipulations. Doucet said a valley-like drainage ditch will be created in front of the project.

“(The drain) will capture any water that would spill over the curb and route it out of the property, preventing any adverse effects from heavy rainfall,” Doucet said.

Cape’s Camp is a 45-acre property positioned on the San Marcos River that was sold to Georgia-based Dovetail Development. Residents had previously voted for the city to buy the property and use it as parkland in the November 2012 election. However, city councilmembers allowed the land to be sold to the developer in early January 2013, despite voters’ wishes.

Residents had sent emails and petitions to councilmembers to oppose the land development because of the danger posed by building the development on a floodplain, according to a Jan. 15, 2013 University Star article.

According to the same article, city councilmembers voted Jan. 7, 2013 to allow the development of a 306-unit, 1,000-bedroom student housing complex at Cape’s Camp called The Woodlands of San Marcos.

—Compiled by Taylor Tompkins, news editor and Traynor Swanson, news reporter