Looks play important role in dating success

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Students should accept that looks and personality traits are equally important in a match instead of trying to appear less shallow by denying the importance of attractiveness in a potential mate.

The dating game would become much easier if personality traits could automatically be known when sitting across from someone at a bar. Knowing someone is funny, sarcastic or smart just by looking at them would make finding a true match much easier, rather than having to guess what kind of a person they are during an initial chitchat.

However, since wearable dating profiles have yet to be invented, physical attributes are usually the main deciding factor when choosing who to start a conversation with and who to pass over. When people say looks are not important or that they only go for people with “great personalities,” they are most likely just trying to avoid sounding shallow. It is insincere to say that physical appearance does not affect one’s initial decision to approach a potential match.

Everyone is shallow to a certain degree. However, even though compatible personality traits are important in a potential mate, those factors are usually only discovered later, after already making the decision to talk to someone based on their looks. I am not saying anyone should enter a relationship solely based off of a person’s abs or beautiful long hair. While appearance is a large factor in deciding whom to approach, people cannot know someone’s personality until they talk to him or her. After all, when searching the bar for someone to hit on, no one can expect to know how the other person likes to spend his or her Sunday afternoons. The only available information about that person upon first glance is physical attractiveness.

It is interesting to hear people say looks mean nothing to them and they would rather have someone who can make him or her laugh instead of dating a person who is simply hot. Deep down, everyone wants someone who is good to look at and can make them laugh. This should not be a problem. Physical attraction is the bait that draws another person in, while personality is the hook that keeps them there. Despite this, long-term relationships cannot be formed off looks alone. After a while, if two people have nothing in common, they will eventually move on and continue their search for “the perfect one.”

In the end, it is okay to be shallow and go for the person who is blatantly attractive without knowing what their personality is like. Ultimately, both looks and personality are equally important, and personality is something that one can discover over the course of a relationship. Students should feel no shame in broadening their horizons, lowering their standards and having fun. Students should stop denying looks are important to them and go for the person they are interested in—there should be no shame in that.

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