Catcalling ineffective, offensive way to get women’s attention

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Guys need to learn that catcalling from a fellow friend’s car window is not an effective way to pick up girls.

Many women have at some point been walking down the street, minding their own business, and had something along the lines of “Big booty Judy!” shouted at them from a passing vehicle. It is ridiculous that the men in the car even felt the need to yell such a thing. It seems that simply being female and possessing a vagina is enough to inspire simple-minded men to yell such phrases.

This type of situation is startlingly common. You would think most college-aged or older men would have the decency to treat pedestrian women with some degree of respect. Unfortunately, it is not so. The stereotype of construction workers hooting at passing babes is a stereotype for a reason.

Women have boobs. Get over it already. After millions of years of human existence, men should have learned that such behavior is not only unacceptable socially but also is highly unlikely to attract any woman as a result. A woman is rarely ever going to hear a catcall, stop in her tracks and ask the man who yelled at her out on a date.

Frankly, it frustrates me that this is even still an issue. We live in the 21st century. After all the progress women have made towards equality, they still cannot walk the streets without being objectified. It is common decency to not yell unsolicited, lewd comments at complete strangers.

Furthermore, to a woman walking alone at night, unwanted comments from strange men can be scary. Men should keep in mind that many women have been taught to be hyper-vigilant around strangers due to the fact that many rapes and violent sexual crimes are overwhelmingly committed by men, on women. Catcalls are not only unlikely to get the perpetrator a date, they are probably going to scare the victimized woman.  

Such situations are commonplace, which is indicative of the larger issue of sexual discrimination that is still rampant within our society. After all, women are not known for catcalling random men on the street. I am not saying there have not been a few isolated incidents of women catcalling men, only that this situation is not nearly as common as the reverse.

Obviously, feminism still has some work to do if the sexual objectification of females remains so pervasive that even random women walking down the street cannot feel safe from sexual comments.

It is absolutely insulting that many men still insist women “ask” for the commentary by wearing revealing clothing. I do not care if I am naked. What I wear or do not wear on my body is not an invitation for randoms to yell at me. Contrary to popular belief, most women choose their clothing because they like it, not because they think men will like it. All in all, there is no excuse to yell offensive things at any passersby minding their own business, and that includes women.

Catcalling is an offensive, obnoxious and outdated habit that needs to be eradicated. Guys who like to catcall need to grow a pair, learn some respect and stop acting like little boys who have never touched or talked to a woman.

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