Riding skateboards on campus inconsiderate of fellow Bobcats

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Bobcats who get around campus via longboards or skateboards are a nuisance and put themselves and other students at risk, especially when skating in crowded areas such as The Quad.

It is inconvenient and uncomfortable enough to walk through The Quad elbow to elbow with fellow students, and when you factor in a wannabe Tony Hawk swerving through the crowds, things become even worse. The Texas State campus is not a skate park and should not be treated as such. San Marcos longboarders and skateboarders need to understand the campus is not a place to perfect their techniques, nor is it a staging place for their latest YouTube video showing off their skills.

Even when used simply as a faster way to get to class, riding around busy areas on a board can be hazardous. Those who use skateboards as a mode of transportation from building to building are neglecting not only the safety of those around them, but their own.

While it is understandable many students may want a faster way to get around the expansive campus, the risks outweigh the benefits. Those who use longboards or skateboards to get around will likely find themselves stuck behind slow crowds. Staying behind a slow-moving crowd negates the benefits of bringing an alternative mode of transport, and trying to pass such groups puts bystanders in danger. Attempting to swerve around stragglers in The Quad can lead to collisions or falls. On the uneven, pebbled surface of The Quad, such accidents are even more likely.

Additionally, those who bring longboards or skateboards to get around quickly should under no circumstance use pedestrians as human traffic cones. A Quad full of students is not an obstacle course. Furthermore, no one, wheeled transportation or not, should be using handicapped ramps intended for Bobcats who cannot otherwise travel the campus.

Longboarders and skateboarders are accidents waiting to happen. On many occasions I have nearly been run over by skateboarders who either lost control or else suddenly decided they wanted to appear in the next Jackass movie.

Aside from endangering walkers, the longboarders who decide to use the hilly streets of San Marcos for a fun ride could possibly cause car wrecks with one wrong turn. I have seen too many skateboarders coming down a hilly street way too fast only to wipe out. Factor in moving vehicles nearby and what was once a simple fall could become fatal.

In addition to longboarders being dangerous to the public, they are beyond annoying. The average person walking around campus does not care about skateboarding tricks. If someone is in my way when I have only 10 minutes to get to my next class, I am not going to be happy about it. I am not interested in walking through the X-Games when I need to be in Old Main.

Longboarders should just get to class on foot like the rest of the student population and keep their fancy maneuvers and tricks confined to a skatepark.

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