Get to know: Ayriel Anderson

Sports Reporter

CC: What’s your favorite movie?
AA: To be honest I don’t really like movies. I haven’t been to the movies in like three or four years, but if I had to watch something like that I would watch a Madea play or something.

CC: What’s your favorite type of music?
AA: I like rap music—I call it trap music. Specifically I like to listen to Gucci Mane.

CC: Who is your celebrity crush?
AA: I would probably have to say Keri Hilson.

CC: If you could play any sport besides basketball at the collegiate level, what would you play and why?
AA: Softball. I always used to throw things up and hit it hard. I think if I practiced softball I could be really good.

CC: If you were offered an all-expense paid trip to anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
AA: I would probably go to the Dominican Republic because my mom went there for my aunt’s wedding and she said it was really cool.

CC: Do you have any plans after college?
AA: I would like to play basketball overseas, but if not then I would just jump straight into coaching.

CC: How do you prepare for any game?
AA: I usually listen to music, and I try to be the first one on the court to shoot a few shots before we start.

CC: What is your favorite memory pertaining to basketball?
AA: I have two actually. My first one I was at an AAU tournament, and we were down by three. I hadn’t hit a three-point shot in a long time and so they threw the ball to me and I hit a half-court shot to send the game into overtime, and we went on to win. My second one is winning the state championship with Irving MacArthur High School my junior year.