Senior Checklist

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Try the specialties at local restaurants.
There are tons of dishes unique to San Marcos that students should try before they graduate. Drink a 99-cent margarita at Grin’s, try a crazy ice cream flavor at Rhea’s, eat a burger at Taproom Pub & Grub or grab a Salvation sandwich at Alvin Ord’s. Every Bobcat needs to order a Manske Roll at Gil’s Broiler. After all, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Texas State’s most famous alumnus, is rumored to have had them shipped to the White House.

Attend a Bobcat sporting event.
A surprising amount of students never attend athletic events. Students pay a $300 athletic fee, so all Bobcats are literally invested in athletics whether they like it or not. Additionally, this semester may be seniors’ last chance to experience college athletics. There are few better ways to boost school spirit and Bobcat pride.

See a performance at the new Performing Arts Center.
The beautiful new Performing Arts Center, which has been under construction for as long as most seniors can remember, is now complete. Check out a concert or play and see what some of your tuition money has been going toward.

Enjoy The Quad.
This is a hard one — it may be tempting to block out the chaos with headphones or avoid The Quad completely, but it is part of the classic college experience. Stop and listen to a crazy person preaching by the Stallions, buy a baked good from a student organization and take a moment to learn about (or even sign) a petition.

Visit Austin and San Antonio.
San Marcos offers students a small-town feel while being located between two large cities. This is a geographical advantage students may not have after graduating and moving away. Austin and San Antonio are great options for day trips with friends. Check out the live music scene in Austin or visit the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Both cities are close enough to be visited multiple times before graduation, allowing for experiences that delve deeper than major tourist attractions.

Get a freshman to buy you lunch at a dining hall.
Freshmen have tons of meal trades left at the end of the semester. Ask them to swipe you so you can have one last meal at Commons, “for old times’ sake.”

Go to Riverfest.
Sponsored by the Student Association for Campus Activities, the annual spring concert and festival should be experienced at least once by every Bobcat. Past performers include Shwayze, Yung Joc, Ying Yang Twins and Gloriana. Even if the peformers do not particularly appeal to you, Riverfest offers the best people-watching environment all year, and you are sure to walk away with a free koozie or two.

Skip class and go to Sewell Park.
Not many college students can say their school has a river on campus. Skip class one day with a group of friends and work on your tan on Bikini Hill or float the San Marcos River.

Bar-hop on The Square.
Every 21-year-old Texas State student has to do it at least once. Try to visit as many bars as possible in one night. This becomes increasingly less socially acceptable the older you get, so use the “crazy college phase” excuse while you can.

Give back to the community.
San Marcos has hosted you for what will likely be four of the best years of your life. Give back by volunteering for Bobcat Build or participating in a river cleanup event. Shopping at local businesses rather than chains and attending weekly farmer’s markets are also ways to support the community.



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