Downtown construction projected to be complete next summer

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Construction in downtown San Marcos is on track to be completed by summer 2014.

The downtown reconstruction project is a $10.2 million undertaking that began in August 2012. The construction will give the downtown area a new look, said City Spokeswoman Melissa Millecam.

Pedestrian amenities are a significant part of the reconstruction plan, and bike racks, benches, special lighting, trees and landscaping are being added. The sidewalks will be widened to become “more pedestrian friendly,” Millecam said. The additions will “enhance the connection” between the university and the downtown historic area that dates back 150 years or more, Millecam said.

“In that kind of length of time, you have to upgrade and make major upgrades and provide into the infrastructure that will support a thriving downtown, and that’s what the city’s doing,” Millecam said.

In addition to pedestrian amenities, utilities will be added underground and there will be new drainage and water improvements. Back end parking will also be introduced.

“We are real excited about the downtown and the progress we’re making,” Millecam said.

The downtown reconstruction efforts underway are a phase of a larger master plan, Millecam said.  

“It’s a bigger picture than the downtown project, which is very important and a big step forward, but we’re also doing many other things to look at the mobility in downtown, the pedestrian-friendly nature of downtown and to enhance the access to the businesses in the area,” Millecam said.