Monday, April 22, 2019
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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign commends TPUSA Legislation

Student Government recently received a letter from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Student Body President, Vice President, and Cheif of Staff....
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Student Government representatives are harming their own organization

Yet again, Student Government has found itself at the center of vitriol and rancor. From impeachments to resignations, the organization has become...
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TPUSA Legislation foreshadows further free speech censorship

Hello, I would like to submit this letter to the editor in response to the TPUSA legislation. It is...
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TPUSA ban was not an attempt to censor free speech

Dear Editor, I was one of the senators who voted in favor of banning Turning Point USA from campus....
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TPUSA has a right to free speech but not attention

Turning Point USA is a nuisance to our campus community and only upholds a few of the university’s values.

Getting rid of TPUSA at Texas State violates free speech

Last Monday, Student Government ignited a firestorm by voting to boot a student organization off campus. This wasn’t just any student organization,...

Advocate HB 63 to reduce marijuana possession penalties for students

LiveScience found the number of students in college that smoke marijuana either daily or on a regular basis has been the highest in...
What students should be reminded of this coming school year is most of us are guests to San Marcos and should treat this community with respect.

Trauth needs to acknowledge students’ complaints

Texas State is slow to act on issues that are important to Bobcats. Why isn't the university president promptly addressing the cries...

Texas bill criminalizing unsolicited sexual pictures should become law

Receiving unsolicited dirty pictures is an act everyone has either personally experienced or encountered secondhand. If the recipient did not consent to...

Advertising on campus is ineffective and wasteful

Organizations’ current way of advertising on campus is ineffective due to the amount of waste it creates and the resources it takes...