The Oscars

Everyone has an insane passion (or obsession, depending on who you talk to). That’s perfectly fine as long as it is something you care deeply about. Some people might really enjoy playing Super Smash Bros. Others use their passion to help a greater cause, like saving shelter pets and finding a good family to take them as one of their own.

My passion is film.

Everyone eats. Everyone needs food to survive. Everyone likes good food. But is your “good” food good for you?

Sure, you may be eating food you think is great. Food that tastes good, smells good, food you crave when you’re starving in your 12:30 p.m. lecture wishing you hadn’t scheduled back-to-back classes and made time for lunch. But just because food tastes good doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Walter White was the danger—the one who knocks. And me? Well, I am the one who blogs about television.

So, basically, the same thing.

My foray into the television world began two years ago. Armed with a Netflix subscription and an excessive amount of time, I immersed myself in this world. I identified with imaginary characters, read copious amount of TV message boards and paced the floor during every Game of Thrones episode.


Tastes of San Marcos: Herbert’s Taco Hut

I wasted half of my college career not knowing about Herbert’s Taco Hut.

Do you realize how many opportunities I had to eat chicken enchiladas there and I wasted them?


From Google Translate to TARDIS Translate: Can automatic translation replace language learning? Part 1 of 2

Sex is a two-way treat.

I wish I’d come up with that saying, but it was Franklin P. Jones, a Philadelphia reporter and humorist. A two-way treat is exactly what sex should be, but unfortunately, sometimes the lack of information people have about maintaining healthy sex lives ruins that treat.


Texas takes a small step forward 

I have mixed opinions on the first gay couple that was legally wed in Texas.

In this fall’s past election, two career politicians  ran for for governor—two individuals who aren’t above saying and doing anything they must to be elected.

Making an incredible statement with their most recent album, the Grammy-nominated band alt-J have succeeded in finding their way to the top of the charts and to the top of my playlist. “This Is All Yours” is an original, diverse, intriguing roller coaster ride of an album. There are so many different types of sounds and instruments being molded together that it’s mind-blowing. Also, let’s not forget lead singer Joe Newman’s voice. It is no surprise that alt-J is up for a Grammy. They really brought alternative music to a whole new level.

I absolutely love movies and television shows. It’s so cool to see all the different pieces come together and make something awesome. There are so many unknown things that go into making movies and shows. Call me a nerd, but I love watching the behind-the-scenes features on DVDs, and I will read anything that talks about the process the directors and producers go through. I love it.