Starting in the spring, The University Star will have its first African American male serve as editor-in-chief. This comes in the midst of Texas State celebrating 50 years of desegregation and The Star having one of its most diverse staffs in recent memory.

My friends are always complaining and making fun of me because every time we go somewhere or have a girl’s night out, chances are I’m wearing black.

Some people feel like certain colors don’t look good against their skin tone or that they just don’t wear a particular color well. However, black is a color that I have seen looking good on almost everyone.

Hey everyone, this week I’d like to shed some light on an up-and-coming local band called Eko Heights. They just released their first single on October 7th, called Natalie’s Song, on iTunes, and if you’re in to great acoustics with awesome vocals, this is definitely a song you should go check out.

In economics, it is commonly taught that competition results in lower prices and better products for the consumer. When applied to politics, Americans tend to agree that better candidates result when multiple parties battle for a majority’s approval. Throughout American history, popular elections have consistently maintained a two-party composition.

Have you ever heard the phrase "history repeats itself”? Well, ironically, fashion repeats itself as well. The same clothes that your parents wore in those back-in-the-day pictures are slowly but surely coming back in style today.

Most “old-school” styles that are coming back can be found in local thrift shops. Jerseys, sweatshirts and all forms of denim that you can think of are all items that most thrift shops carry.

It’s November 4th, Election Day, and you are in Texas. Are you going to go vote? Well, statistically speaking, there is over a 50% chance that you won’t. Voting is such a task for us Texans, apparently, seeing as we are ranked 48th in the country. 

I can personally tell you as a campaign volunteer how much this fact sucks. I have to work my hardest for you, the general public, to go voice your opinion. I work for the Wendy Davis campaign, and we really think we can win this November; our main problem is awakening the Democratic monster sleeping within Texas.

Essentially everyone I know had a favorite book series growing up. From Harry Potter to the Hunger Games and beyond, every major book series had a solid and dedicated fan base. Now when those books get translated into movies, these fans (myself included) lose our minds and cease to exist.

In its early days, YouTube gave the Internet videos of cute cats, the hilairous Numa Numa guy and—who can forget?—Nyan Cat.

Now some of its best-viewed content is music videos by pop stars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga or shows like "Epic Rap Battles of History," which, surprisingly, is produced by a Disney-owned studio.

Usually I am able to tolerate most of Taylor Swift’s music, but this time she has gone too far. Her new single, Shake It Off, is anything but tolerable, and do not get me started on her music video. Sorry for all of you “Swifties” out there. It is not that I dislike Taylor; I just really, really dislike this song. I believe she could have done way better, and after hearing this one, I am a little worried about the rest of her new album, 1989, set to release this October.

It is no surprise that modern-day academia is overwrought with liberalism. A generation disillusioned by war-of-choice and suspicious of authority sought to “fix” their country by gaining esteemed degrees that would poise them to be the decision-makers of tomorrow. In the face of Watergate, Vietnam and stagflation, who wouldn’t be a progressive reactionary? Now the pendulum has swung the other way and, in the shadow of these academics, we inherit a university where politically left is considered politically correct.