Monday, March 18, 2019
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Chuy's has been voted the best Mexican food in San Marcos. Make sure that y'all try the creamy jalapeño!

Promoting overconsumption of food is irresponsible

Last week, The University Star ran an article promoting eating competitions in and around San Marcos. Restaurant managers and those who have attempted food...
Congrats Grad Illustration confetti

If they throw confetti, don’t let them walk

Confetti-toss photos soared in popularity several years ago and rapidly became a staple for students excitedly preparing to complete their degrees. Texas State was...
stallions speech

Don’t give hate speech an audience

Last week, Texas State experienced its periodic visit from a brother Jed-style preacher. With his yelling damnation, a crowd of listeners and protesters quickly...
float fest

Float Fest does more good than harm for San Marcos

Held at Cool River Ranch on Dupey Ranch Road for the past four years, Float Fest is a one-of-a-kind music festival that attracts people...
Saving bees is more than a trend.

Bees and straws aren’t Earth’s only worries

Bees are trendy. Even in 2019, there are countless students roaming college campuses nationwide with simple bee tattoos and stickers with the catchy, “bees...
Dissection illustration

Students gain nothing from classroom animal dissections

Animal dissection is archaic in academia. Each semester, thousands and thousands of animals are dissected in classrooms across the nation. Texas State is no...
Keg photo

The tailgate keg ban is bad for the environment

For decades, tailgate has been a treasured part of Texas State’s football home game traditions. Amassing as much school spirit as Bobcats can hold,...
University Star logo

Honors Coffee Forum policy change negatively affects students

The Honors Coffee Forum has been the perfect study room for Texas State students for years. Located in Lampasas and housing the Gallery of...
printing illustration

Texas State has a printer problem

College campuses are places of personal growth, learning and high-volume printing. Texas State is no exception. At an enrollment of nearly 39,000 students, the...