Monday, March 18, 2019
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Participant gives two thumbs up after a good run.

RallyCross driver wins national recognition and opens racetrack near San Marcos

Her grip on the steering wheel tightened as the crankshaft climbs to 4,000 rotations per minute. She released the clutch, stomps the gas pedal...
Shelby Garza sifts through soil during a disarticulation.

Texas State owns the biggest outdoor cadaver farm in the world

Human remains can be found in various states of decay across Freeman Ranch, dedicated to forensic anthropological research. The Forensic Anthropology Research Facility, otherwise known...

2018 General Election Results

Mayoral candidate Jane Hughson was elected as mayor of San Marcos Nov. 6, inching a 775-vote win over incumbent John Thomaides. Hughson won the election...
Attendees socialize Nov.1 before the show.

Day one of Lost River Film Festival presents “Idiocracy”

Imagine being in hibernation for 500 years only to awaken in the midst of a population that has lost all intelligence, Gatorade has replaced...
Graffiti artist Gonzo247 answers questions about his journey, Oct. 17.

Graffiti artist joins the conversation of optimism and innovation

The visionary who brought graffiti art to the Houston mainstream visited Texas State to tell of his trials, tribulations and journey. On Oct. 17 at...
Alzheimer's Texas Walk participants return from the 2.5 mile jaunt, Oct. 13.

Alzheimer’s Texas walks to raise awareness

Participants gathered at the San Marcos Recreational Center Oct.13 before a 2.5-mile walk to raise funds for the fight against Alzheimer’s in Texas. Registration for...
Attendees compete for a chance to win a cake in their neighborhood park

Residents, city officials work together in crime prevention

San Marcos residents and law enforcement are working toward building rapport through chili dogs and cake walks. On the first Tuesday of every October the San...