Thursday, April 25, 2019
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PNTHN Potluck EP cover

Music Review: “Potluck” shows promise for PNTHN

Dixieland is a subgenre of jazz music, rooted in New Orleans tradition. To paint a sonic picture, imagine “When The Saints Go Marching In”...

Anime is here to stay

Michael B. Jordan, amidst his stardom from the smash-success of Marvel's "Black Panther," recently defended his long-standing obsession with anime. Anime is a form...

Tweets are not knowledge

The novel "Fahrenheit 451" is Ray Bradbury's, magnum opus that paints a dystopian picture where tangible knowledge is actively destroyed and replaced with attractive,...
saxophone player drawing

Jazz: birthed from black genius

Jazz, an art form as American as apple pie and baseball, is deeply rooted in our culture. And over the course of time, it...
singer artist drawing

Black Panther: The Album

Spearheaded by Top Dawg Entertainment veteran Kendrick Lamar, "Black Panther: The Album," while not without its flaws, is the sonic embodiment of what the...
face tattoos blonde hair male

NBC killed the radio star

Music has long been revered as one of the most authentic forms of self-expression -- a medium that transcends written word. Music can evoke...