Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Race should not factor into college admissions

During the Obama administration, a set of guidelines were put into place that essentially tasked colleges with taking race into account for college admissions...
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Students should negotiate their FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, known as FAFSA, is the lifeblood of most students who attend universities. This form determines how much...
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Texas State should switch to open source textbooks

Tuition is routinely complained about by students, as they spiral into debt before their careers even begin. But its not the only outrageous cost....
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Campus carry was the right call

In 2015, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a controversial law allowing licensed students to carry a concealed handgun on college campuses. At the time,...
To be safe from situations similar to Kavanaugh's, college students should be very careful of what they do so their behavior is not used against them.

Students should be careful of their actions in college

Brett Kavanaugh is a drunk. All of the political cartoons and articles were made to portray him this way. 31 years after he had...
If college campuses will not teach these ideas then students must go outside and expose themselves to smart intellectual conservative thinkers.

Conservatives for the college mind

Colleges are held as a higher institute of learning for any subject with one notable exception: politics, at least politics that are right-leaning. Liberal professors...
Texas State has shown an inability to handle other issues related to the growing student population and the buses have been much of the same story.

Bobcat shuttle needs to be fixed

A common sight around San Marcos is the Bobcat shuttle service whisking students to and from the university. If someone lives off campus but...
Texas State is admitting a record number of freshmen students each year to the point where they now no longer have the capacity to house all these students.

Texas State lacks space for students moving forward

Headlines were made in mid-July when it was revealed that Purdue University overbooked its dorm rooms and students were forced to live in a large office-like...
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Talk It Out: Stand with Israel

Protests along the border between Israel and the Gaza strip have once again led to clashes between Palestinian protestors and the Israeli Defense Forces. The...
The desks in the Capitol building of Texas.

Young Politicians should be encouraged

With the 2018 midterms kicking off in November, many politicians will either be running for various political positions or defending their current seat. One...